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Episode 14 - Election Aftershock Of The Mainstream Media
By Michael Trimm, 11/11/16


Everyone is shocked with Happiness!  Hillary Clinton didn't win because she is a criminal, corrupt and should be in jail. We tried everything to let people know this. We all know TRUMP is the best candidate to bring back jobs and make our country great again. 

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People increasingly vote with their feet. Not voting is a kind of vote ( I abstain ). I've always voted but never for a winner on the presidential level since Carter. I await a president who changes our militarized mantra and I don't think Trump is that person, hope I'm wrong.


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This does not have anything to do with the video, however being an older (64) participant, I am unsure of twitter and how it works so this is the only way I felt I could ask a question of you Michael. I am curious if you can look into the Wikileaks "Climategate" and explain how to take this leak. What exactly was uncovered in it. Thanks 

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