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  1. In: S1E28: Pizzagate Isn't Just A False Flag... It's Also A Trap! Schrödinger's Pizzeria?

    By Nichole, 03/11/17

    I tend to agree with you on pizzagate.

    Here are my thoughts,

    Why should pizzagate be any different than Obama's birth certificate?

    Does anyone here actually doubt that if Obama needed a "real" birth certificate, that The Powers That Be could have commissioned the creation of a legitimate looking birth certificate? As well as supplement county/government record archives (and any other archives) with a paper trail of supporting evidence? Things like that have surely been accomplished for much less powerful figures then the United States President. Come on... Really?

    This begs the question, "Why did Obama's handlers devise to release a notably doctored document to the public, instead of releasing a legitimate looking birth certificate and avoiding all the trouble in the first place?"

    because they recognized that providing a doctored looking document would produce a means of directing the flow of public opinion and perception. The scandal generated by the birth certificate was morphed into the argument that only a racist would question the authenticity of the origins of our first black president. After that any other scandals about Obama's origins and early life would be shut down by simply referring back to the birth certificate scandal. With the effect that the questioner be disregarded and labeled a conspiracy theorist/racist.

    I think of the Podesta Emails as evidence that suggest guilt but not evidence that is admissible in any court. The same goes for the rest of pizzagate, so far at least. The Podesta emails provide outside confirmation of something that we already know is going on in our government. They can even lead us to the right line of questioning but they are not the hard evidence we will need if we want to bring these guys down.

    Also, who came up with the term pizzagate? Ever notice how people pay more attention to the term "pizzagate" then they do to the name "Jeffrey Epstein?" Makes me wonder if its not called "pizzagate" by design? At the least pizzagate is being used effectively to deflect from the truth. In the same way Monica Lewinsky was used to deflect and the same way Obama's birth certificate was used to deflect.


  2. In: S1E28: Pizzagate Isn't Just A False Flag... It's Also A Trap! Schrödinger's Pizzeria?

    By Pat, 03/10/17

    Michael, this has to do with your newest video on youtube regarding the electoral college.  . Please, Michael watch this video Do You Understand the Electoral College?


  3. In: Episode 24 - Why this episode may get censored

    By papu1209, 03/05/17

    thank you for this powerful enlightening discussion.  More power!  Continue to be a truth teller.

  4. In: Episode 14 - Election Aftershock Of The Mainstream Media

    By jadebuddha, 01/10/17

    you are my fucking Hero Michael, thanks for all your hard work.

  5. In: Episode 15 - FBI Releases 5th FIOA Request On Hillary Clinton Email Server Investigation

    By jadebuddha, 01/10/17

    oh what a treat! I wasn't expecting to find a new vid from my favorite investigative journalist.  Thanks Michael, hope to see more of you.  And I'm ignorant but could you make an anti snooping thing for windows 10, sorry I don't have a mac or run Linux.  I wish MTS was on regular tv; Michael researches and explains complex things in easy to understand ways and I trust his honesty.  Thanks again Michael take care.

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