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PedophiliaGate or commen everyday slavery

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     Children bought as loving daughters and sons, as textile workers for their dexterous small hands, as wives, and yes as sexual toys. None of these categories of being have any rights or recourse. But these children are only the most egregious tip of the iceberg of slavery and servitude that the elites require of us. The lords and princes and captains of industry feel justified by their supposed exalted positions to dictate to others the nature of existence. It is their right and responsibility and some may even pride themselves for being kindly Masters.

     But most could not give a damn for the lives of the people they own, have no concern for they lives and armies which they direct for their own benefit . If we want to end child sexual slavery we must end slavery of every kind. Universal individual human rights must become the law of the world, our we will simply keep filling or jails with delusional wont-to-be big shot losers.

     Pedophilia is about power over others, one of the lowest and easiest powers to manifest. It is similar to animal cruelty and parental abuse, the unreasonably orders of those in higher rank, and of course it's effects are devastating to those subjected to an act that has no actual phillia in it. But still, it is only part of the spectrum of domination driven actions engaged in by the "enlightened" members of our race. Behavior flows from the so called top down to us emulators at the bottom, resist those desires to be one of the elite or to have voted for the chosen one.


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