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The Michael Trimm Show - Open source design

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Hi there!

This topic is ment for everyone who would like to contribute to the show.
Apart from donations, I believe everyone can help with their skill, feedback, ideas and contructive criticism :)

I'm a graphic (print / web / basic motion) designer based in Poland.
I can't afford to donate but want to help the show in some way, let's do this open source :)

@Michael Trimm

I've seen the new intro - it's pretty cool, I like the drama ^^ What did you work with to create that?

I think first we can discuss the framework and see what is possible by our cooperation.

My idea was to redesign the visuals completely - but I won't insist if you're not comfortable with that.
I would like to start with questions from a design brief I give to a client company. On the basis of that I can provide concepts for a logo, color palette, typography and some preview compositions.

I need your feedback on that - are you open for doing it from scratch visually?
If not - what do you want to keep? We can redesign building on what we have, too.

As for what I can provide help with:
- design process
- branding (visual identity)
- all static visuals
- basic motion design (AfterEffects)

I'm not a webdev, but I work with them every day, so I can also provide a fully layered website design in PSD based on a bootstrap, ready to be coded. Still needs a developer to be of any use, but just wanna signal that as a possibility.



Only now I see that posts from that subforum are not totally public - wasn't my intention, sorry!


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Hey @Michael Trimm

I see you've changed your av on youtube - but I can't read the name of the show there :P

Square version of the logo might be useful here.



(transparent png above, if you can't see)





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A suggestion for Michael - get in touch with Debbie the Sane Progressive.

You know her and she is reaching out to tech savvy people to cover Vault7 stuff with her. There is a lot of that to come and you are the man to do that, Michael, hear her out:


Being featured on other sane alternative media channels could be one of the ways for you to overcome the censorship.

Unite the audiences and liberate the information.


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