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I think that is up to you. During the primaries and now with the leaks and tapes (I have about 4 TB of data saved) I sleep about every two days. You have to decide if you want to get use to it or be healthy. I worked on the Caucuses for Bernie. That was a treat, let me tell you. Starting here in Iowa with the missing votes, the coin flips, the missing Precinct Chiefs where HIllbots were more than happy to try to step in and take over, the reporting devices provided by Microsoft which didn't work, etc. etc. etc. I go days without sleep. That's why there will be typos and tons of errors in my posts. Oh look, it's 5 am. Think I should go to bed now?

You decide. Me, I don't recommend it. BTW 13 and 14 are out. LOL 9_9 

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