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  1. The Michael Trimm Show is the future of the way people receive insight into modern times. Honesty. Integrity. Purpose. Repost all comments to DTube please. No comments will be replied to anymore on YouTube. If you want a response from me, use DTube! https://d.tube/c/realmiketrimm This episode focused on Project Veritas disclosing how Twitter is looking at dick pics from your private direct messages and how the illusion of privacy on sites like Twitter is deceivingly tricky to comprehend. The episode continues down the rabbit hole by exploring the evidence surrounding the death of Justice Antonin Scalia and how Snopes played a role during the 2016 Election to silence any conspiracy theories about it. The Wall Street Journal just renewed those conspiracies when it published a report stating that Scalia actually favored Trump. It is the opinion of this channel that Scalia would have been a companion to Trump, covertly though, in the Trump administration should Trump win. I think it was "insurance" to ensure that if Trump did get in, he wouldn't have Scalia at his side. Next, the soft disclosure of secret hidden ancient technology discovered by the Majestic 12 group (at Area 51) continues through the Secret Space Program disclosure. Article after article is seeding the public consciousness about the reality of cryogenic storage tanks to preserve humans after death for many years. That kind of stuff we saw in Science Fiction TV series. In Oct 2017, VP Mike Pence stated that President Trump's revitalization of the National Space Council and NASA will make Science Fiction Science Fact. This new technology disclosure today simply strengthens the argument made in the 2017 Year In Review video (links below). Second to last, I get into a discussion about the dangerous wake up call people received after the Hawaii Incoming Ballistic Missile warning false flag that the wake up should not be on missile defense, as Fox News tries to suggest - but rather the wake up needs to be on the reality of fake news and propaganda and false flags. They are everywhere and if you were truly traumatized by the incident in Hawaii, you should never allow yourself to be in the dark about another false alarm again. #qanon predicted Hawaii and thats why many patriots know we are safe under President Trump from enemies both foreign and specifically domestic. Last but not least, I go into a monologue about Chelsea Manning's Senate run announcement. Watch the see whether or not I support Private Manning for Senate. The Michael Trimm Show is dedicated to the truth. I make this platform available on many different venues so you can stumble upon my videos organically and not worry about me being shadow banned everywhere. If you post a comment here, PLEASE repost that very same comment on DTube - the show earns revenue from comments and likes on DTube and it helps fund this channel when YouTube decides to demonetize my videos for bullshit reasons. CBS is desperately trying to censor my 2017 Year In Review video. Bypass the censorship by viewing or listening to the broadcast using these alternative options below: 2017 Year In Review: YouTube: youtube.com/watch?v=81PDue2lJB0 DTube: d.tube/#!/v/realmiketrimm/ermzcd6e LBRY: lbry://@MichaelTrimmShow/2017-year-in-review Viuly: https://mts.yt/i/nU1C5o Official Website: mts.yt/i/p2jS3Z SoundCloud: https://mts.yt/i/ttOmeX Online Community: https://michaeltrimmshow.com/join Patreon: https://patreon.com/MichaelTrimmShow YouTube Channel: https://mts.yt/ShowOnYouTube D.Tube: https://mts.yt/dtube SoundCloud: https://mts.yt/soundcloud Steemit: https://mts.yt/steemit Medium: https://mts.yt/medium Keybase: https://mts.yt/keybase Support this channel by using our exclusive referral links that help generate income to fund the show: Coinbase (Cryptocurrency): https://www.coinbase.com/join/58b0607a9216471e7a76ab47 KuCoin (Cyrptocurrency Exchange): https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=E3UhwOQR Bitfinite (Cryptocurrency): https://www.bitfinite.co/SignUp?Ref_id=275023662 Binance (Cryptocurrency Exchange): https://www.binance.com/?ref=21371115 CoinLoan (Cryptocurrency): https://coinloan.io/?r=4233798135 CapitalExpanse (Cryptocurrency): https://app.capitalexpanse.net/register.php?id=michaeltrimmshow If you are interested in making a contribution to the channel, please use the following cryptocurrency wallet addresses to send your contributions to: Ethereum (ETH + All ERC-20 Tokens): 0x95cfF9F30Afe411473D07352da1B2E56d43DDC75 Electroneum: etnjvTx7NPrWeqE1H3Q5A3CQKgC6EH5yeaSQnt9npn3rjeqzMPsHxZ7VZLKK5ojpCLC3KneCsA3xA9tMrEh8eAYR95njw2ZoDw Bitcoin (BTC): 1F16xLbzmNmp6ifPWUDK5fiaGiaC2VdQet Litecoin (LTC): LLSsJ5xv3bi98EF5GLxDd1ULAK9iD4SxcX KuCoin (KCS): 0xb9203c823c6bc6d0e2a7d031bb79e1e14b0188d8 Viuly (VIU): V4516438BA9BE2E6C62307EA5AAFE6C9