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  1. George Webb YouTube Channel

    It seems impossible but the first step is spreading the message through several platforms so people become aware how deep this corruption goes. I figured this was a perfect place to expose people who want to make a difference. I think George Webb has the right idea and he talks about crowd sourcing the research and working as a team to discover new links to this massive web. George suggests focusing on one aspect of his presentation,dig up as much information you can find and then submit it to him. I love this idea. You can't believe Trump will Drain the Swamp. We the people will have to be the ones to make it happen. We can't just hop back into our little bubbles and only pay attention every two to four years. That's how they get away with it.
  2. George Webb YouTube Channel

    There is another channel that has been archiving most of George Webb's videos so if you want to see anything before day 50 here is a link to the channel below.
  3. George Webb YouTube Channel

    Great series to invest the time.
  4. Hello!

    Hi Michael! My name is Keri and I have been a subscriber to your YouTube channel for about a year. I am so happy to see you back in action. I truly love your critical analysis of what is happening in this crazy political landscape. Much love and respect for what you do.