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  1. 2018-02-04 Links

    I have watched your videos on YouTube for quite sometime and have sent some of my friends and family to them. Your video on the 4chan corruption of the government is what helped many of my contacts vote for POTUS Donald Trump. I, of course, sent them to other videos, such as VERITAS, the Banned Video on Hillary Clinton, the Bush Crime Family and some of them purchased these on the inforwars site. Other videos which convinced my religious friends to vote for PUTUS Donald Trump in were government videos on the Muslim threat to Christianity inside of the USA as well as outside. I'm not too religious myself because, a long time ago, I read such books and 'The Jesus Party,' 'The Jesus Plot,' 'The Jesus Scroll,' as well as 'Contradictions and Controversies of the Bible,' among other works and I watched the video 'Ceasar's Messiah' which convinced me that religion has always been about controlling the common population. I have found your videos enlightening and educational. Keep up the good work.