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  1. NASA leaked document

    OK, I'm only around 5 minutes in it so far it has not been stated who's "war" this is, ie, does this NASA document describe weaknesses of the US that others can exploit? Are these actual external plans against the US made by others? Are these plans of NASA's to make war against Americans? The identity of the interviewer is not given but he should have taken control of his interview and ask these questions up front. The most important thing now is not new information, it is bow o get people ti listwn to what ia already there. There is a buge psychological lock qmong people, esp. Democrats. I have a terrible time getting anyone of my family or friends to listen to anything, they will look for anything to hold onto to keep from thinking and if they are approached too often they will dismiss me completely from then on. But if things are presented carefully, they would listen, so issue like up front clarity, lack of emotion, and immediate corraboration of claims made are really important. This lady does cite page numbers, which is good, but again I think of what it takes to get people to listen: the interviewer should have started by stating clearly what the claim of the doc is, and going from there. Ok, I'll finish this now (but I already know no one I know will give it the time of day).