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  1. Salutations from the Great NorthWet!!

    Hi Nat the Cat, I read you were a delegate, that must have been a nightmare but it probably gave you a unique prospective as well as some sleepless nights. Anyhow, look forward to reading your posts. Take Care, Nichole
  2. Introductions

    Here is one of my videos from back in July. It may serve better as an introduction.
  3. President Trump won't pursue charges against HRC

    What was allowed to happen during the second presidential debate, I believe, was what The Powers That Be considered accommodating the need for a public indictment of the Clintons. That may be all we get.
  4. Americans stand up to corruption?

    Mamabear wrote, "I don't know if they will get a clue, but I know I have been more active politically then during my whole life. It's encouraging to see people take to the streets to let their elected officials know what they think" I also became more involved politically then I've been since 1992 (42 years old). This election cycle started a debate and fueled political involvement. I think that is the real threat to the status quo. I like to see people organizing, protesting and getting involved, even if I do not always agree with their politics. Political involvement begets political involvement on all sides of a issue. People are paying attention now, which all around may have been the single largest fatal strategic miscalculation by our politicians.
  5. Introductions

    Hi Everyone, I supported Bernie, then Trump and made a few youtube videos during the elections. I am not sure what else to include in the introduction.