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  1. Congress' New Russia Sanctions

    ... and if you found that one to be of some interest, there are several interviews between the good doctor and a woman by the name of Georgeann Hughes, which cover several of the books he's written, and you can find those interviews here: http://www.thebyteshow.com/JosephPFarrell.html Scroll down to the first book, "Cosmic War," and start there. Otherwise, you might be a bit lost. Enjoy!
  2. I think this one might be of some interest: This is a discussion by Dr. Joseph P. Farrel on, as the subject line says, Congress' new Russia sanctions.
  3. Make The Internet Suck A Little Less

    Four retweets and one stand-alone tweet today, so he's not dead, just looking for work (*whew!!*).
  4. Make The Internet Suck A Little Less

    The last thing I saw from him was when he said he was a bit sick, but I think that was last month sometime. Hope all is well, and he's just visiting family or something like that.
  5. Huma's video

    Unfortunately, that whole bit about her transferring money to Quatar came from Sorcha Faal, so it's most likely a hoax.
  6. FBI reopens email investigation

    Yes, thank you, I did hear about Donna, but so far nothing on Tim -- or at least, nothing I've seen as yet. Still though, I am surprised she's still running the DNC, but I don't think that's going to last very long.
  7. FBI reopens email investigation

    I hear Huma is missing in action of late ... maybe she's trying to make her escape now, before it's too late! Finally, I was away from Twitter a couple days back. Did I miss the big surprise for Donna Brazile and Tim Kaine that WikiLeaks mentioned a couple weeks back?
  8. SPECULATE! Wikileaks Drops Pre-Commitment Keys?

    Hopefully it is just validation of future releases! #DontDroneMeBro
  9. Hello From the State of Washington!

    Thanks! Glad to be here!
  10. Looks like I started posting on here without introducing myself! Sorry about that. My name is Glen. I am an on-again, off-again technical writer and Student o' Steno ... and have been listening to paranormal talk radio since January of 1995, when I first heard Art Bell interviewing Bob Lazar. I have also been dragged into this whole politics thing whether I wanted to be in it or not, thanks to the antics of the DNC and Debbie "Do Anything For Hillary" Wasserman Schultz ... and that's pretty much it! As for Hillary, I'm waiting for the "Hope a House Falls on Her" solution:
  11. There was an interesting interview conducted by Linda Moulton Howe of Grant Cameron (http://www.presidentialufo.com) about a meeting that was supposed to be between Laurance Rockefeller and both Bill and Hillary Clinton about the whole UFO thing. For the sake of appearances, Bill didn't attend the meeting, so it was just Laurance, Hillary, and one other person (not sure who). They made their presentation to her, she looked at what they gave her to look at, but didn't actually say anything positive or negative. When the presentation was done, she took Laurance aside, and told him, "We listened to you. We read your material. Don't ever bring this subject up again." ... at least, that's what was said in Linda's story to the best of my knowledge (it's been a few weeks). On the other hand, I heard this interview on Phenomenon Radio, so that one should be available to subscribers ... but you can read about it here: http://www.presidentialufo.com/bill-clinton/105-extraterrestrial-politics-part-1-rockefeller-initiative-to-the-clinton-white-house --gdw
  12. Write In Bernie Sanders

    You're welcome, De'ann! Let's hope for a landslide in Vermont!
  13. Write In Bernie Sanders

    Exactly! Which is just what the Correct the Record folks are trying to do -- block her federal funding by having more folks write Bernie in.
  14. Write In Bernie Sanders

    The "Write In Bernie" movement comes from the Correct the Record folks. The idea is to have a lot of Bernie supporters write in Bernie, despite the fact that he has not done the paperwork to support such a vote. As an added bonus, that shift in the vote will keep the Green Party from getting to the point where they can receive federal money ... so ignore all calls to write Bernie in -- unless you live in Vermont. Since his popularity rating there is, last I heard, about 86 percent ... so if they write him in, that's three electoral votes taken away from both candidates, which should keep either of them from becoming president. Hope that made sense ... but if not, here's an article that should explain it better: http://www.inquisitr.com/3588569/vote-for-jill-dont-write-in-bernie