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  1. Children bought as loving daughters and sons, as textile workers for their dexterous small hands, as wives, and yes as sexual toys. None of these categories of being have any rights or recourse. But these children are only the most egregious tip of the iceberg of slavery and servitude that the elites require of us. The lords and princes and captains of industry feel justified by their supposed exalted positions to dictate to others the nature of existence. It is their right and responsibility and some may even pride themselves for being kindly Masters. But most could not give a damn for the lives of the people they own, have no concern for they lives and armies which they direct for their own benefit . If we want to end child sexual slavery we must end slavery of every kind. Universal individual human rights must become the law of the world, our we will simply keep filling or jails with delusional wont-to-be big shot losers. Pedophilia is about power over others, one of the lowest and easiest powers to manifest. It is similar to animal cruelty and parental abuse, the unreasonably orders of those in higher rank, and of course it's effects are devastating to those subjected to an act that has no actual phillia in it. But still, it is only part of the spectrum of domination driven actions engaged in by the "enlightened" members of our race. Behavior flows from the so called top down to us emulators at the bottom, resist those desires to be one of the elite or to have voted for the chosen one.
  2. Wikileaks

    In my mind, there are too many internal inconsistencies in this post to be valid. For example if this person can not communicate with his WikiLeaks coworkers then how does how many were busted and under what circumstances. MANY of these Alex Jones type of conspiracies would have already been released by wikiileaks if they had documentation of them. This history of spy group interwar fare seems contrived and would have had affiliated documents published or mentioned by earlier pronouncements. Assange never says stuff like a huge blow against the international CIA CONTROLED PEDOPHILLIA RING. I Have however seen many instances of this kind of statement over the past year from not very credible online political sources.
  3. 3rd Debate Afterthoughts?

    Addiction is a political term not a medical term. I watched congressional hearings on the funding of drug rehab programs way back in the 70's where most experts testified that drug use is more of a dependency then an addiction. However republicans and some democrats would only agree to give funds to traditional 12 step religious based treatments that call drug use an addiction. Since then every bad habit has been reclassified as an addiction to get those federal funds.. Cure rates have been understandably poor while actual effective methods go unfunded or in some cases criminalized. Thank you Big Pharma big Health for your wonderful caring fleecing of your valued customers. On trump university. Check out the shady Clinton connections to Lauralite university. Pots and Kettles calling each other names. I appreciate your review and opinions.
  4. Hillary Holding Alien ETI Book Next To Laurence Rockefeller

    You can't know the players without a scorecard. Hillary, at some point in her life came to believe she was destined to be in positions of high power. Channeling E.T.s may have been one new age source for such visions of grander. Her dreams of flying fed her desire to understand the reality of our place in the galaxy. But alas, as sheep look up from a Malthusian world of degradation , torture and slavery so too do our meager souls reach out in a hopeless hunt for immortality.
  5. OK Already and a day late

    Oops , thought I was putting this in Introductions.
  6. OK Already and a day late

    65 years ago at midnight I was born on a military base to an intelligence officer and a 16 year old West Virginian hillbilly. 65 years of living in WARWORLD later I am here, now and always aware of my lowly status and lack of knowledge. Mostly Californian , a pinch of marine , a dash of locksmith , a smidgen of Bookseller, a bit of dishwasher/cook , an iota of landscaping , a touch of artist/writer and though I'm not much of a roads scholar , I still like to observe and learn about the ways and lays of this conflicted world. Comments on this site seem somewhat civilized compared to most and so I promise never to use all CAPS , call you a B, or an F, or even a C. Oh, and I voted for Stein, Sanders, Stein, Obama ( nobodies perfect ), Nader , Carter was the only President I've ever like at the end of their term.
  7. Americans stand up to corruption?

    When I was just a young boy a bully pinned me to the ground holding a wormy creature in each hand. He said unless you eat one I'll never let you up, so I picked the lesser of the two weavels. OK, I stole this from Master and Commander.
  8. Americans stand up to corruption?

    Truth is that corruption is inevitable. We are all "Cookie monsters", and so as long as the cookies are owned ( not made ) by so few we must beg , barrow , steal or starve. There's no shame in being an animal, but the question arises are we closer to being baboons, chimps or babonos.
  9. Nice to be here!

    Read your piece on the debate and agree. Russia 178 Global Gia dying 4. Not so lame to be concerned about the future of our world , kinda lame that cable news is more like Wrestling World.