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  1. In a sane world this email right here would end Hillary Clinton's career and Colin Powell's career, and very possibly bring serious legal jeopardy upon them. You have to go to the "View original PDF" tab to see it https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/30324 Here's my detailed explanation of why it's so damning. #JillStein2020!
  2. Yes, for Democrats I agree that is by FAR the best option. There's no point in us debating Trump, my friend. You and me and I think most people on this website would agree that Jill Stein is a better representation of your ideology, correct? Well, even though I don't agree with your ideology, I agree that Jill Stein is a better human being than anyone in the Democratic establishment. I want to run against HER, not whatever the next fraud the Democrats send down the chute would otherwise be. From my perspective, President Jill Stein is something I never want to see. But a world where the Democratic Party is run by Stein and her friends and supporters instead of the current leadership is a far better world as far as I'm concerned. Remember that I'm not a republican either. From my perspective, the competition between both of you protects me from either one of you having too much power. Get it? So from November 9th on, I say all principled progressives, join with me and let's get Jill Stein's 2020 campaign for the nomination of the Democratic Party moving. Or maybe a senate seat or something else is a better idea to shoot for. I dunno. I'm all ears. I want to live in a country with a real representative government, not a banana republic where the Clintons and the Bushes take turns looting us all.
  3. There's TONS of things to talk about. Here's what I suggest we start with. In this election we are enemies. Fair enough, but why beat each other up over it here? It seems to me that Trump is a genuine outsider, for all my other disagreements with him and there are many. At this point I'm a single issue voter on stopping the corruption and incompetence. The system hates Donald Trump and that's a ringing endorsement as far as I'm concerned. There also happen to be a few policies of his that I agree with and that is good for me. You're not going to change my vote, and I won't change yours. But we can be partners in 2020, because while I disagree that any country should EVER go in the direction of Jill Stein and I have massive ideological disagreements with her because I do think Jill Stein is the direction that the American LEFT should go in. I want to run against candidates like Jill Stein and have a debate, not run against candidates like Hillary Clinton and watch in horror as we teeter on the brink of war with Russia over the damage that the last 30 years of foreign policy have done. There is a clear path to victory here. Run an independent campaign within the Democratic Party. Tap into the rage and frustration at what the Democratic Party has become. Fund via Kickstarter or Go Fund Me or whatever, and run a campaign based on issues. It's a modified plan of attack based on what Trump did. For whatever disagreements you have with Trump and however much you may hate him as a person Donald Trump defeated the Republican Party establishment in the primaries and is now basically running against them in the election too. Disruption is good. Lets set aside our general differences and focus on making positive changes together where we can.
  4. Hi Mr. Trimm, I just wanted to reach out and say thanks for what you're doing.  We need independent voices like this.  Let's build a new media and get the truth out there! 

  5. Why the cryptic comment with no substantive follow up? This strikes me as a place where people are gathering to discuss the news from an independent perspective. This is the kind of place I come from to get away from that kind of thing. If you have a problem with my position, state your case and let's talk it out. : ) EDIT: Emoticons aren't working properly, I added one with a space.
  6. I have many political disagreements with Michael Trimm and the ideology of progressivism, but that doesn't matter. In this crucial time when both political parties are corrupt and useless, those of us who are idealists should come together and oppose the corrupt establishment together. I admire the hell out of Michael Trimm and his YouTube channel. I developed my own take on this concept laterally, a citizen run, completely independent and free (Libre as well as Gratis) news commentary show. I discovered this community while doing opposition research. But I don't see you all as opposition. I think in spite of our political differences (I'm an Anarcho-Capitalist), the battle to create free and independent media outlets is one that we can all fight in together. My admittedly fringe political ideology gives me a unique perspective and really my channel is ultimately more about free speech, satire and finding outside the box solutions than it is about anarchy or any other political ideology. And always, always, always, exposing corruption and incompetence no matter what party or ideology it hides behind. If that sounds like a good idea to you, I humbly invite you to check out my YouTube channel. Otherwise, you'll be seeing me around here as an active member of the community, doing my best to answer questions and participate in discussions. But I will never spam my channel or being an irritating jerk. Thanks! This is my manifesto as a citizen commentator: One piece of political activism I'm working on is to convince Jill Stein to run an independent candidacy in the Democratic Party in an attempt to take down the Democratic half of the political establishment in 2020.