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  1. Let's hope TYT is wrong on this one. Let's hope Trump isn't just another Clinton. Forget about the silly offensive things he has said during his campaign. This is a much bigger issue. Judge this man by his bites, not his barks.
  2. I think some of you may find this interesting: https://www.startpage.com/blog/our-latest-developments/edward-snowden-streaming-live-at-startpage-com-on-november-10/
  3. Congrats America and thank you for stopping Clinton. It remains important to pass legislation to get money out of politics, so the next election will listen to the voices of the American people instead of big campaign finance donors and multinational corporations. Trump was the trump card that could beat the corrupt establishment, but he is also a wild card, as it remains uncertain which of his policies he truly wants to pursue. He may get a lot of things done, or he may not. For better, or worse.
  4. Still Berning - VPRO documentary

    "The uploader has not made this video available in your country." I'm from NL. http://www.npo.nl/vpro-tegenlicht-bernie-sanders/06-11-2016/VPWON_1257583 Found this link, but the site requires Adobe Flash Player. Screw that, I abandoned Flash a long time ago due to its many security vulnerabilities.
  5. https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/55824
  6. https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/19749#efmAnfAru
  7. Americans stand up to corruption?

    Adversarial, investigative, and watchdog forms of journalism are now more important than ever. Partisanship (D vs R etc.) is lower priority. It's the people vs the government now. With corruption so vast and rooted so deep, a further strengthening of the following two-pronged approach is needed: - putting pressure on corrupt top officials, high profile politicians and exposing their wrongdoings (journalism) - at the grassroots level, supporting and electing officials who truly represent the people (activism) Easier said than done, but I remain optimistic.
  8. Blackberry addicts, ha! Lots of crazy election stuff have been happening in the last few weeks. Amidst the insane information war that is currently going on (propagandised journalism, scandals, leaks, poll rigging, etc.), there's one thing that has become increasingly clear to me, especially in the last few days. There's a female fronted band of corruption out there seeking the ultimate powers of presidency in the most powerful nation in the world. To me, what this election has come down to is not so much about electing a leader based on his/her political philosophies and ideologies, but rather about accepting or rejecting Hillary Clinton, every corrupt thing she stands for, and every corrupt person she does business with. Seeing things in this way, I would use my vote for the purpose of rejecting corruption instead of electing someone based on policies. It's just that Trump is one heck of a bitter pill to swallow.
  9. Assange / Pilger - FULL interview 2016/11

    If I may crack a little joke here, between all the dark stuff on these forums: the amount of melanin Julian has pales in comparison to that of John.
  10. #43648 HRC to Podesta's gmail on ISIL

    U.S. causing trouble in the Middle East. Then they blame everything on ISIL, which they helped to create in the first place by causing a power vacuum after bombing the whole place in the name of democracy. Problem Reaction Solution
  11. Governor Pence, scientific literacy, tolerance, and "populism"

    I'm in favor of teaching the basics of various religions in the context of history. If you want a secular future (constitution prohibits a national religion as you pointed out), you have to put the past religions in the proper context. Teach creationism in history class, but teach evolution in biology class.
  12. Hold on to your hats folks.

    How reliable this is info? What do those verification codes mean? This is really intense.
  13. Hi there and Happy Halloween!

    Hello TimeXMoney and welcome! I found that political compass certificate so interesting that I took the test myself. The scores I got didn't surprise me. Political Compass - caLRo.pdf
  14. FBI reopens email investigation

    Styxhexenhammer666 has been covering the last few months of the elections intensely. In my opinion he has an interesting take on what might be going on inside Comey's head. Any thoughts?
  15. Greetings "Populism" vs. critical thinking?

    What about a write-in? This way you show you take your voting rights seriously by actually casting your vote, and at the same time give a big middle finger to the rigged election system and its two biggest candidates. This seems like the true "protest vote" to me.