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  1. Special Thanks To Antinomy

    That Logo does look a lot better. Nice one Antinomy.
  2. In regards to David Seaman I found out he put his videos to private to hide them. Apparently youtube channels "New World Agenda" and "Lift the Veil" did a few exposed videos because David was asking donations and had sponsors. I myself don't see anything wrong with people trying to get reimbursed for expenses or earn an income from running a channel or website especially if they are working on it full time. All I can say is the youtube channels that go around to the others to expose them for what they perceive as wrong doing many times isn't. They better know what they are doing and not misrepresenting or distorting facts as it can come back to bite them. I haven't noted any more channels dropped at this time. I'm subscribed to about 200 of them so it's not like I hit all of them every time I go on youtube. I'll keep adding name of channels here or websites taken down as we should track it and keep a list
  3. Just an FYI guys youtube is censoring channels. I'm subscribed to about 200 channels and in the last day or so I noted 4 channels are deleted or wiped. Anonymous lost two of their channels, David Seaman pizzagate journalist all vids gone, and also Tuforc a US pilot ufo site that had footage from his flights and other US pilots. Google censored Natural News (anti gmo and anti vac site) lost more then 140,000 pages of documentation, I also heard infowars got dropped by it's advertising. I don't follow infowars so I can't say much about it being fake news or not. I didn't care for all his hype. The others were silenced as part of the "fake news" war. David Seaman I felt was advertising his involvement in pizzagate too much and knew he would get his channel silenced sooner or later. Natural News site is authentic and owned by a biochemist. Just letting you all know as a public service as we knew it would start sooner or later. Also checked on Facebook manifesto. Has all the good sounding fluff and stuff of a globalist utopia but strikes me as a bunch of coded words that means Zukerburg developing god complex for a rising totalitarian..
  4. Tulsi Gabbard's Trip to Syria

    Pat it's not a leak. Right before Trump got swore in Lynch signed off on removing any sort of constraint of sharing raw intelligence on NSA data collection. Lynch's order now means that any law enforcement agency can now access anything NDA collects in the unredacted raw form. Look at it like this Soros now can go through interpol or perhaps Clinton or Obama can now access private by anyone in law enforcement sympathetic to them.
  5. Just finished watching episode 18 on youtube. In regards to Tulsi's trip to Syria, she got more then just that Obama, Clinton and the others were supplying terrorists. I get the impression got some intel of something coming down the pipe and Trump had to move quickly on getting the ban in place. He may have done it a couple days sooner but could no longer wait on the rest of his cabinet members to get confirmed. Heck he doesn't have an AG, SOS, and some of his intell chiefs in place yet. Maybe why he hasn't been specific because it could pinpoint his sources with in the administration he wants to protect from other intel employees that still may other loyalties. I know Tulsi discussed things with the whitehouse and she introduced legislation to eliminate anything other then humanitarian support to Obama's "moderate rebels". I also know he discussed setting up safe zones in Jordan, Saudi, Yemen and UAE for refugees so they don't come here or Europe for now. Also just an FYI, from my sources about 2 days ago we had serious amount of our Air force flying high altitude, out of eyesight over our heads in the US. It was a serious scramble. Here is a link to Dahboo's video about it but it still doesn't show everything that got scrambled.
  6. No fly zone in Syria.

    Hi JanetisLight, it's only been read in the Senate, it hasn't been assigned to a committee yet and there is a good chance it probably won't. with it being this close to a recess and new administration coming in. About 2 weeks ago the House also voted and approved a measure that would limit what power Obama could exercise that moved onto Senate that could very well come up for floor vote real quick and could prevent Obama declaring martial law. Technically there already is a no fly zone that Russia established by rolling in a whole lot of SAMS systems and it could get real sloppy if Obama pursued it. Right now in Syria we have Assad and his troops, Russia, China and Iran. Everyone involved also knows Russia hasn't been bombing like has been claimed in the US press and most of what is shown by mainstream is from artillery mostly Turkish and rebels we trained. They would want UN approval and you know as well as I do Russia and China are permanent Security Council members.with Veto power and Britain and France also know Obama is on the way out so they know support for fighting anything else besides ISIS they could be on their own.
  7. Make The Internet Suck A Little Less

    Hi guys, I'm not sure as Mike had just come back from laying low for a few weeks when he started this site. I was tied up myself at the hospital with the wife for about a week. First thing I did was check to see if he posted anything. With it getting towards the holiday season he may be swamped or putting in extra hours to try and wrap things up for the year.
  8. Robot Laws

    I would be too. Technology is good in helping humanity solve problems and make life easier for us as long as we are the ones that maintain control. Just like I'm professionally obligated to prevent human extinction. On he issue of the F35 they are trying to take us out of the equation. Now that we know China intends on using satellite killer missiles they need to keep it grounded until they put pilots back into control of it. What are they going to say after a squadron take off and the Chinese fly about three dozen 25 cent drones so they are not hidden by radar in front our ships or our other equipment for the F35 to lock onto and the system whiles the system is kicked into pilot over ride mode and the comm signal gets lost. Ooops?
  9. Executive orders you may or may not know about

    It's like I have been warning people for some time at how much we look like pre WW2 Germany. My father was in the Army and as a child I was raised in Germany while they were still rebuilding from WW2. Globalism is the new Nazi Fascism. I see it because I recognize it. As time has passed since WW2 less and less is taught about it in the public school systems via common core. In fact I'm not even sure it is taught anymore or the kids are being shown a very skewed view of Hitler and the Nazis. They are not taught it so they do not know what to look for. The words that parts of it that is called now days maybe different but it is the same stuff those my age was taught about pre world war Germany. This is not just a US problem it's now a global one as it is setup in several other countries. Those countries that are not setup for their own martial law and form of FEMA will be enslaved through the global economic and banking systems and extorted to comply. The UN is calling the shots and has assumed control of several national governments and the US has been the primary mover of the globalist agenda. Over the years people have wondered how the German people allowed all this to happen. They were no different then the other countries before Hitler came along. So how did it happen that these normal people allowed them selves to do horrible things and allow things to happen? The same organizations that backed Hitler have changed their names to something newer but they still exist and are in the corridors of power of the globalist elites. We have heard about how the Jews were sent to concentration camps but the Jews were not the only ones that went into those gas chambers and ovens. The reason why Hitler said everything he did was legal is because over a period of years he slowly and gradually changed the German laws and German constitution so that they would be. Makes no diference if he did it directly or indirectly he made sure they were changed. By the time the German people realized what was going on it was too late. If you spoke out against the government you were prosecuted in some form, prosecuted in some form or "reeducated". If you don't believe me look up Prescott Bush. You may not remember or heard of him but you most likely know his two sons as both of them were recent presidents. Prescott Bush financed Hitler and was a member of the American Nazi party. All he did was make sure his son George was involved just like George Sr involved his son George. Names and faces have changed but not what has happened. What is the diference between Hitler's Youth and common core students taught? Not much. The words maybe different but political ideology is the same. When a generation forgets the mistakes of the past they are doomed to repeat them. It makes no diference if the forgetting is because they educated to ignore them.
  10. Robot Laws

    I agree, machines are not life forms nor should they be considered lifeforms. As an engineer that was involved in the development of industrial embedded and robotic systems before my disability got too bad, I do not believe anyone should develop systems that have the ability to learn on it's own. It's the only way we can insure that mankind maintains control of automated machines and systems. If we allow AI to learn on it's own in theory, mankind will be developing it's own enslavement or extinction. In the long run eventually the AI would develop self defense awareness and view mankind as a threat to it's existence if left on it's own. It would then do what it can to insure it's own existence. We also have the issue especially, with the internet, wifi or other forms of interconnectivity. Once the AI developed this self defense awareness either intentional or unintentional programmed into it, it would begin developing ways around safeties or limits we engineered or placed on it. Maybe even learn how to edit it's own operations programming. It could send police to a persons house to arrest or kill it's owner by what words it chose to send via internet. Maybe go online to download phoney evidence to someones home computer undetected and have the police thinking there is a terrorist at a location. Maybe it could bypass the safeties and gain control of military drones or nuclear missiles. It may sound far fetched right now but if you look at the tings that are currently in development it could become a reality down the road. We already have police departments and the FBI using crime predictive software. Army is now developing automated vehicles, drones and robots that when in operation communicate and operate via satellites.
  11. Sorry about that. I'm not exactly sure what happened but her is the link I had tried posting. Interactive map of global events
  12. Hi Guys and Gals, I could be wrong but as an independent one of the things I have noted with far left millennials and progressives is their reliance on biased media that promotes domestic sensationalism and not what is really taking place through out the globe unless it [pertains to global warming. Don't get me wrong yes global warming is important as it should be but, main stream media is used by the globalist to distract public attention from what their agenda is. This is why Hillary and Obama has been able to get away corruption and lack of transparency or our involvement in the world. For those desiring to know what we are doing through out the globe and also what is reported about the US her is a link to here is a link to the various strategic global arena events. It's an interactive map of the globe that I check on a regular basis. I have found it fairly reliable.but some of the video links that gets posted about the battle and war zones are not for the faint of heart.
  13. Snowden Post-Election Live Q&A

    Thanks for the posting, I book marked it so I can get to it when he live streams.
  14. FBI reopens email investigation

    The Clinton campaign put out it was fake before it was released. If they hadn't read it or seen it how did they know it was going to be fake. At best they may have had an idea on what topic with a shot in the dark but that is about it. Plus with the thousands of wikileak postings not faked and sources verified why would wikileaks willingly destroy their reputation and quite possibly legal evidence. While we are in this thread pertaining to email investigation, It's probably not over. Trump won the election last night and I can guarantee you Lynch isn't happy about it. She will be doing everything she can to insure the evidence recovered is destroyed as well as lashing out at Trump in some way.
  15. FBI reopens email investigation

    No problem. With me not being from Colorado I don't know what their news papers are. So no biggy. I don't think any of us a reporters. We're just trying to put out accurate info as we get it. So in forums and bulletin boards if I slip up and one get through the cracks I'll normally let people know.