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  1. 2018-01-30 Links

    Hi Michael, I really enjoyed your SOTU coverage yesterday! Just wanted to clarify something toward the end of the chats I commented about you being Romanian what I really meant to comment on was your Romanian heritage, and should have used that word to avoid confusion regarding your nationality which is distinct of course and you are indeed 100% an American in every way a great example of an immigrant coming legally and assimilating, becoming an American and obviously being very proud of that. I meant no offense, quite the opposite and despite being an American we can all still take pride in our cultural heritages and Romanians are a very rich culture and something to be proud of.You also mentioned being offended by being called a gypsy which another chatter had commented, FYI it was not me, and I get that.Perhaps he confuses Romanian heritage with the Romany people and using the word Gypsy which is the very offensive term often used ignorantly to reference Romany people. Hope there are no hard feelings, sometimes trying to write a quick chat and be brief we are not as clear as we should be and it leaves too much room for misunderstandings.Each word needs to be precise. Always look forward to your videos! Cheers, Katherine
  2. Hello from California

    Hey there neighbor from Berkeley and everyone, A Hard core bernie and Michael Trimm supporter here, who voted Jill, but i get why so many voted trump! Yes, Michael is terrific and one of a kind. I was born and raised in Berkeley, ca now living in Richmond, Ca. I also follow H.A. and Seaman, some others I follow you might want to try include; Tim black progressive news was hard for Bernie voted Jill. You can call in to his show, he has H.A. on "no sell out" night every Monday night @ 9 eastern time. I enjoy his rants, his guests and reading the comments from viewers, he provided a platform for many of bernie's progressive candidates including Jill/Baraka on his show. Martin Brodel (hard core Trump) I don't always agree with his intense critique of the left, but I like his blog he does a good job of uncovering and linking all the latest news stories, makes it fun albeit with lots of raw lay back commentary. styxehexenhammer666, was a bernie supporter who voted trump and also predicted his win. He does great intellectual commentary on the latest political news and finally I include, Lionel Nation who does hilarious, intellectual, analytical rants on politics! His stuff on the insanity of voting Hillary is the best! Katherine
  3. Welcome Back Everybody!

    Michael when you said you would be back once a week with a video I was just so happy to have you back with a weekly video show. Well I must say now I am thrilled to see that every time I surf the web I see yet another Michael Trimm video connecting the dots regarding the new wikileaks dumps, makes me giddy enjoying every minute, please keep the waves coming! Thank you sooo much for doing all the hard work for us, you are providing a tremendous service with your research, critical thinking and this great format you have provided for your followers! I will say it again I am so happy you are back and in such great form ! I know I am not alone when I say this and you must know by now just how much you were missed when you were offline. Got your back always and stay strong!