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  1. Declassified Report on Russian "Interference" in election.

    I could go either way on this. He's pretty much taken a stance with one foot on each side of the line. Smooth transition vs. Russian interference. He's pulled back as Trump has taken over the dialogue. If you can call tweets fests a dialogue. The office of President has almost as many immunities as there are laws. What comes to mind is that there are two. I'd have to think if there are more. My opinion, it would be in his best interest to cut and run. In reality leaving Clinton out to dry would be no personal hardship for him. The report is an attack on RT and independent media. Period. There isn't any "there" there. Honestly, if he could have a Mulligan, Clinton would have been his VP pick (giving her only as much power as he decides which according to the Constitution is none) and Biden SOS. FWIW
  2. https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/c11244b6-b2c6-4461-b91e-52c53e798b82
  3. I "heard" donations were down 90%. I think Qatar will definitely want their money back. It's hard to verify anything until official reporting dates. Right now it's mostly speculation IMO. FWIW
  4. Hello World

    Glad you are back Michael. I too was exhausted after this election cycle. All the cyber attacks, the NSA opening following me on social media (WTF?) removing the webcams from all three of my computers because turning them off didn't help one bit and the mic was even worse, so trying to cover everything was a pain. And today. WOW!!! First day of new Congress and Shit Meet Fan!!! In a way I can see why the media is so lazy, and just goes to briefings and all print the same thing. It's a lot of work trying to keep up with the UN, the aggressive military posturing going on and proof of the bogus war in Syria. I ditched to Panama for a week over the holidays so mine were very laid back. I think we need some new permanent thread topics now that we are post election. Foreign affairs, Russia, China, North Korea, Syria, etc. Also environmental, education and minimum wage, health care, etc. Platform topics maybe? There were some interesting things shoved through that last two weeks before the holiday recess. Looking forward to getting busy on issues again. We must stay vigilant. We jammed the phones today and we need to keep it up. Got them nervous already.
  5. Make The Internet Suck A Little Less

    It should be an interesting day. I've been laying low too. Kind of glad I don't live in DC anymore.
  6. Make The Internet Suck A Little Less

    This was 4 days ago??? Hmmmmmmm..... I check in here from time to time and wondered if we should just take it over. LOL.
  7. Make The Internet Suck A Little Less

    Me too.
  8. No fly zone in Syria.

    Legislation authorizing research and establishment of a no fly zone and safe zones IN Syria, not Turkey passed the House on 11/15/2016. The Senate has not taken it up yet with the break. The media isn't covering it. The Senate is back in Session Tuesday, but there is no legislative business on the calendar for that day. Time to make phone calls. Here is the Bill and the section in question is 303. https://www.congress.gov/crec/2016/11/15/CREC-2016-11-15-pt1-PgH6192-3.pdf
  9. President Trump won't pursue charges against HRC

    SNL 11/19/2016 Has the whole situation down cold. They are really getting edgy again. I like it.
  10. Michael Trimm's video

    I have it downloaded. So, it's covered.
  11. Claim of finding even more Podesta Emails

    I have no idea, but I think they were probably attachments. There is a lot in the attachments that people have missed. If you find out that there were more, let me know, What I have downloaded matches the described file sizes.
  12. We need another show.

  13. Make The Internet Suck A Little Less

    Thanks Michael. I have 3 computers, no Macs, but one Linux. I'll give it a go!
  14. They look like distorted crosses which are used in witchcraft. I'm NOT implying anything. They are definitely not Wiccan or Celtic either. That I am sure of.
  15. You really don't know Bernie Sanders. That's ok. Bernie runs issue oriented campaigns period. If he got into the emails and Wikileaks etc., he would have been bogged down in minutia. When you have the media screaming that it is Russian interference, somehow his socialist policies would have been twisted even further as Marxism. That was a lose, lose for him to touch those. That wasn't his job and he let is play out. Read the bylaws of the DNC. If he did not endorse her after the final primary, he would have had no presence at all at the national convention and he would have forfeited his delegates and say in the platform. If Hillary had won, she would have stripped him of any Committee titles and put him in the closet. Now they are all running to him saying, "save me." He has had more coverage now than before and he has been charged with rebuilding the DNC. If he had been calling out all of his "co-workers" over spats it would have made him look like a sore loser, and believe me the media would have narrated it that way, and destroyed his influence which is huge now. Schumer (gag) may be the minority leader in the Senate, which is a ripoff, but he is backing Bernie 100% at the moment. Let's see what we can do with that. I am, and will always be, a huge fan of Bernie. He blew the roof off of the whole house of cards and both parties are in a dither over how to please The People. That's pretty exciting.