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  1. Hey Mike! I really liked season 2 episode 17 about the Shadow Brokers Strikes Again! I think it's one of your BEST ever!

    Quick question: In this show, you recommend getting a VPN, can you or anyone else on this site recommend a good one? I've used VPN.HT and ipvanish but I'm not sure if those are still good anymore. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    Dory :D

  2. Hello from Europe!

    Hey Aron, Good points about TYT main channel. I forgot to mention that I prefer TYT Politics with Jordan Chariton and Emma. Really great on the ground independent journalism, quite balanced and gave exposure to 3rd party candidates a lot. I haven't checked out David Pakman Show... Thanks for the lead. And yes, finding out about local progressives platforms, as that is what I can actually do something about in my own area. Mike T. also suggested in one of his videos today, to get groups of friends and contact our local news media, as that may result in some coverage of the wikileaks not covered by MSM... and also many people check in with their local news to find out what is going on near them. I hope in this community and open forum, we can all keep in touch well beyond November 8 to make an efforts to implement change. I am always open to hearing other points of view and certainly appreciate your interest in sharing your ideas, Aron! Best to you! Later, Dory
  3. Hello from Europe!

    Hi Aron, Sorry for my delay in writing you back. And thank you for your detailed response! I'll check out the independent.co.uk as you suggested. I used to listen to The Young Turks (TYT) and liked them a lot before the Democratic National Convention, but after Bernie Sanders had to step aside for Hillary's nomination, which believe was illegitimate, I stopped watching TYT. The show started to appear to be pro-Hillary; less coverage of 3rd party candidates, i.e., Stein and Johnson; and Cenk started the daily #LoserTrump part of their show. I do agree that he is a loser, but as you said, knowing that doesn't help me better understand all the sides of any important issues, which hardly ever gets covered, very sad. That's why I found Bernie Sanders' campaign so refreshing! He spoke about issues that really mattered and how he differed in his stance from the other candidates. I have to credit his campaign for making me so much more aware than I've ever been. So the news I get is from only YouTube channels, such as, Michael Trimm, of course, David Seaman, Sane Progressive (Debbie Lusignan), Tim Black, HA Goodman, Claudia Stauber, Lee Camp (Redacted Tonight), The Humanist Report and a few others. Also I keep watch on Twitter. Note: There seems to be more and more censorship on both YouTube and Twitter. As far as changing mindsets and waking people up... thank you for your perspective. I agree that one has to have a critical mindset and also the curiosity and interest in researching for the truth. It seems as though many just want to be spoonfed quick bits of information and are generally quite accepting of that. And our media feeding us propaganda begins to become their false reality. I have not had much success with conversing about leaked emails with others that are falling in line, fearing Donald Trump with a pressing urgency to vote for Hillary. The media has unfortunately given the leaks, less and less credibility, so that doesn't work to change any minds. I have tried, as you suggested (thank you), talking about issues, e.g., TPP being great for corporations only; the dangers of fracking; Citizen's United needing to be overturned; environmental issues need to be addressed sooner than later... but the real diehard Hillary supporters are so terribly fearful of a Trump presidency. These individuals are friends that I was able to discuss politics with previously without such blind and unwavering stances. I guess the fear factor that has been drilled into them is what makes it so difficult for them to accept any new/different/opposing viewpoints or information. Thanks again for conversing with me about this. I appreciate your time and very thoughtful responses. Keep in touch. Best, Dory
  4. Hello from Europe!

    Thanks for your earlier reply. There definitely is much more truth to be found outside of US news outlets. I even question BBC. I do give high credibility to WikiLeaks, but the powers that be over here have given it very little or any credibility. I'm feeling quite helpless, but I am thankful that I am not alone in this. I'm trying to figure out what action I can take that will make a positive difference.
  5. Hello from Europe!

    Just curious, Aron. What news outlets do you listen to that you feel are objective? I only listen to news on YouTube, no TV, no cable or regular corporate bought news outlets. It is so difficult to get other people to believe anything other than the MSM. I am embarrassed that no one has the time or interest to dig deeper than what is spoon fed to them. It is quite refreshing that you are involved, interested and as "awake" as you are! I am struggling with how to go about "waking" others up. Any suggestions? I wanted to start a sub-forum on here to have everyone contribute how they "woke up" and how best to guide others. Thanks for your reply. Best, Dory
  6. Hello from Europe!

    Hi Aron! It's great to have your input! Thank you for your interest in what's going on over here. Any outside US perspective is most welcome! Dory
  7. Welcome Back Everybody!

    Very glad that you are back, Michael!
  8. Hello!

    Hi Michael! So glad you're providing this opportunity for all of us to be able to communicate on this forum! Looking forward to learning a lot and sharing a lot of new things with everyone! Thank you! :Dory