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  1. E003 Michael Trimm Show

    Lol, Loved your "Late Show" but worried about you burning the candle at both ends ... I would suggest you do so @ your own discretion, when & if you feel like it, be sure & get some R&R between segments
  2. Show Split?

    Personally, I prefer your format like it is....it's authentic & I dont have to search various channels to follow your message... I follow Tim Black as well so I understand what you mean... I only subscribe to his main channel for that reason. I can usually find a link to his others if I choose to look. Just my humble opinion
  3. Thought we might never see you again...

    Well said Tom, completely relieved & grateful to know Michael & his dog are safe & sound.
  4. Welcome Back Everybody!

    Hi DrCat, Sorry, I'm not on Twitter to know, but hopefully one of the others will.
  5. Welcome Back Everybody!

    Thank you Michael for setting up this format, we so need your voice, your brilliant analysis & the truth. I'm 62 y/o & consider myself one of the older kids in the group, lol....