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  1. "Unacknowledged"

    I am very intrigued by what Dr. Steven Greer is saying about the 'alien invasion false flag'. I don't for one minute believe that our government or the shadow government would not do that very thing. Here's a link to Mike Adams and Dr. Greer's commentary, information about Greer's book, "Unacknowledged" and the movie if you're interested in the subject. The movie is available on iTunes and Netflix, book at Amazon. I only use Amazon because I was dumb enough to buy another Kindle Fire and iTunes because I was gifted an iPhone but "not no more"! ( :
  2. The post BREAKING: Chelsea Clinton Just Woke Up In Jail appeared first on World News Website. I'm not offering this for the truth of the matter asserted but for some other purpose . . . I found it interesting but not surprising there will be no record of her antics. Like parents like child. I understand this isn't really newsworthy but here it is anyway.
  3. Why I don't like Jill Stein

    How does one define evil? I'm fairly certain it involves NOT being truthful or fabrication of an issue for one, along with numerous other unsavory qualities. In light of that, that's why I DO like Jill Stein! She's honest for one. And we all have to start from some point and usually learn things as we go along, even a potential president.
  4. I'm not sharing this for the truth of the matter. It is an interesting and horrifying concept. Dr. Pieczenik's website: http://stevepieczenik.com/ Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Pieczenik
  5. Will E005 be resubmitted? I watched it 'in part' and your energy still comes through loud and clear!

  6. It would be great if we, us, you and me, had any semblance of control over what is happening to our climate. That should cover not only the air we breathe, the water we use, the ground we walk on and below the ground. It's more than unsettling what the powers that be are allowing to happen to something belonging to all of us. So when our planet no longer is able to sustain life we all lose but we all didn't cause it. I don't have any remedies to help us get out of the situation, I sure wish I did. I didn't watch any of the debates so I don't know firsthand but I understand no mention was made of our climate and what plans there are to save it. I believe Dr. Jill Stein has a plan though.
  7. I've been following Dane Wigington at http://GeoengineeringWatch.org since 2014 or thereabout. Started following Dane since I learned about electromagnetic sensitivity, which I am plagued with EMS and have been since 2007. I only learned about what was causing my sensitivities in 2014. Since that time I've journaled daily about EMS and the weather. Even though I don't hear anyone else comparing atmospheric conditions to EMF (electromagnetic frequencies, I believe there is a connection. There are chemicals in what they are spaying, The chemicals are aluminum, barium and strontium and those chemicals do not stay up there in the clouds, they end up in and on our bodies. Okay, I explained that only for a little background about Dane and his tireless work. All of his videos are on YouTube and here is a link to the most recent one: I highly recommend the video be watched because Dane talks about not only geoengineering or climate engineering but he talks about the 2016 Election. I believe Dane is spot-on about our atmosphere and what is being done to our planet and those two things should be our first priority. There will always be another election (maybe) but this is 'our' only planet. The image below, the clouds are geoengineered or chemically made.
  8. Should we send this link to the prez: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=stephen+spoonamore, Then let him tell us an election cannot be rigged. Also, a book, "Cybergate The Mysterious Death of the White House's Cyber-Guru" by Simon Warroll, tells about Karl Rove's "vote Rigger", Michael Connell, that Connell may have been involved in the theft by cyber fraud of the Ohio, 2004 election and Warroll discusses the investigation of the fraud of Connell's death. This from Wikipedia: Michael Louis Connell (November 30, 1963 – December 19, 2008) was a high-level Republican consultant who was subpoenaed in a case regarding alleged tampering with the 2004 U.S. Presidential election and a case involving thousands of missing emails pertaining to the political firing of U.S. Attorneys. Connell was killed when the plane he was flying crashed on December 19, 2008. For myself I want to say we are very fortunate that you are taking your time and resources to keep us informed. THANK YOU!
  9. Here's the link and maybe I should only supply the link for future postings. I don't know if this will offer any helpful insight for anyone and I realize it's old stuff but I have a lot of 'old' stuff about the clintons. 2013-311580204-0b0083da-9.pdf
  10. Even though all that the Dems are doing and trying their best to cover it up, and even though it thoroughly pisses me off, I want to be informed about their activities. Thanks, Michael!
  11. The Franklin Cover-Up, a book

    I've experienced a number of horrific things, not all in person, but what DeCamp exposes in "The Franklin Cover-Up", simply is a total brain-freeze. It made my head hurt! Here are a couple more book you may be interested in reading, if you haven't already! The one, "Betrayal" made me ripping mad and very sad. BClinton is mentioned around a 100 times or thereabout. Blood Feud: After reading it, I'm of the opinion those two families simply do not like each other but if one or the other didn't have something on the other, well, you can guess the rest! And the Obamas what hypocrites they are, now out there touting HClinton's deserving of the presidency. If HClinton does make it this country/world will become a total shitstorm! Informative reading!
  12. 25 Questions For HClinton

    You're welcome! Whoever was answering? Pretty sure it wasn't Clinton. She probably didn't/doesn't even know there were questions sent to her for her to answer. The Clintons I'm sure are not all to blame for the mess our world has become but they sure can be awarded the lion's share.
  13. This is of course old news but it shows connection to Clinton Foundation and corruption. I don't know if we're supposed to submit the article in full but at the end is the link to it. And poor Slick he got upset a wee bit didn't he! 05.27.15 9:00 AM ET Both Bill Clinton and his family’s charity have been tied to soccer’s governing body, as well as Qatar’s disastrous World Cup bid. And just like that, another Clinton Foundation donor is in the news. The Clinton global charity has received between $50,000 and $100,000 from soccer’s governing body and has partnered with the Fédération Internationale de Football Association on several occasions, according to donor listings on the foundation’s website. Several top FIFA executives were arrested Wednesday in Zurich and face corruption charges stretching back two decades, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Involvement with the embattled body extends beyond the foundation to Bill Clinton himself. The former president was an honorary chairman of the bid committee put together to promote the United States as a possible host nation for the 2018 or 2022 World Cup. When the U.S. lost the 2022 bid to Qatar, Clinton was rumored to be so upset he shattered a mirror. But apparently Qatar tried to make it up to him. The Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee, partnering with the State of Qatar, “committed to utilizing its research and development for sustainable infrastructure at the 2022 FIFA World Cup to improve food security in Qatar, the Middle East, and other arid and water-stressed regions throughout the world,” according to the Clinton Foundation website. The cost of the two-year project is not listed on the Clinton Foundation website, but the Qatar 2022 committee gave the foundation between $250,000 and $500,000 in 2014 and the State of Qatar gave between $1 million and $5 million in previous, unspecified years. FIFA, which has never been a bastion of ethics, was heavily criticized for awarding the 2018 and 2022 World Cup to Russia and Qatar, respectively, in part because of their abysmal human-rights records. The Guardian reported in 2013 about “appalling labor abuses,” including possible forced labor and worker death on Qatar’s World Cup infrastructure projects. It is also considered to be too hot to play soccer in Qatar in the summer. No Qatari officials have been arrested, but Swiss authorities announced Wednesday that they had opened criminal proceedings into the allocation of the Qatari and Russian World Cups. They have also seized documents from FIFA’s headquarters and gained access to the Swiss bank accounts of executives they suspect of “unjust enrichment” and money laundering. Pasted from <http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/05/27/corrupt-fifa-has-clinton-foundation-ties-world-cup-host-qatar-gave-millions.html>
  14. 25 Questions For HClinton

    Here are the 25 questions Judicial Watch had for HClinton regarding her email practices. The questions were to be answered under oath. Do you think she answered them under oath? Do you think she answered them or did someone else? These questions and answers can be found at Judicial Watch's website.http://bit.ly/2e5Ap57 JW Weekly Update 2016-10-14.pdf