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  1. The Michael Trimm Show - Open source design

    A suggestion for Michael - get in touch with Debbie the Sane Progressive. You know her and she is reaching out to tech savvy people to cover Vault7 stuff with her. There is a lot of that to come and you are the man to do that, Michael, hear her out: https://youtu.be/RMcL1EE0zxY?t=25m25s Being featured on other sane alternative media channels could be one of the ways for you to overcome the censorship. Unite the audiences and liberate the information.
  2. The Michael Trimm Show - Open source design

    Hey @Michael Trimm I see you've changed your av on youtube - but I can't read the name of the show there Square version of the logo might be useful here. (transparent png above, if you can't see)
  3. Special Thanks To Antinomy

    Hi Let's continue here:
  4. Hi there! This topic is ment for everyone who would like to contribute to the show. Apart from donations, I believe everyone can help with their skill, feedback, ideas and contructive criticism I'm a graphic (print / web / basic motion) designer based in Poland. I can't afford to donate but want to help the show in some way, let's do this open source @Michael Trimm I've seen the new intro - it's pretty cool, I like the drama ^^ What did you work with to create that? I think first we can discuss the framework and see what is possible by our cooperation. My idea was to redesign the visuals completely - but I won't insist if you're not comfortable with that. I would like to start with questions from a design brief I give to a client company. On the basis of that I can provide concepts for a logo, color palette, typography and some preview compositions. I need your feedback on that - are you open for doing it from scratch visually? If not - what do you want to keep? We can redesign building on what we have, too. As for what I can provide help with: - design process - branding (visual identity) - all static visuals - basic motion design (AfterEffects) I'm not a webdev, but I work with them every day, so I can also provide a fully layered website design in PSD based on a bootstrap, ready to be coded. Still needs a developer to be of any use, but just wanna signal that as a possibility. //EDIT Only now I see that posts from that subforum are not totally public - wasn't my intention, sorry!
  5. Special Thanks To Antinomy

    Thank you it's my pleasure. I've been a bit quiet lately but still watch every MTS. @Michael Trimm I'd like to get in touch with you this month. I can contribute more than a sketchy logo but we would need to talk about some ideas first.
  6. Hello @Drlaptop and everyone, haven't been here for a while, hope everyone is OK including our host Thank you for posting this - I am also concerned about what's happening to alternative media right now. And it's across the spectrum. David Seaman - all vids gone (YT, vid.me) apparently made private, twitter gone (he dealt with twitter bans and paypal accounts being frozen recently) - interesting thing I found was this video, posted by Lift the Veil around the same time Seaman went dark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZXDHzZlYzU It might be a hit piece, really don't know what to think about it - the timing of that and David's disappearance is a bit suspicious. Lift the Veil channel doesn't seem too credible to me when I look I their other videos. On the other hand I did find Seaman becoming the face of pizzagate a bit weird - his reporting didn't have that much substance, I don't remember him presenting his research or adding much value. Compare him to George Webb - most of you know him I hope, this guy is a star (luckily so far he's fine). Truthstream media claim their website is under attack and it's posting articles they did not write. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVz0khI4UC4 Sargon of Akkad has been recently under attack, someone faked his feed to make him look like a pedo asking for photos. Luckily debunked, twitter account restored. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJci7QCsrEM Coordinated effort to crack down on alternative media? In this context PewDiePie's bullshit case might be to distract everyone on social media. To all reading this - please post here info about censored vids, channels and websites of alt-media if you are aware of such - I think most of us subscribe some interesting sources being in danger now.
  7. Here we go: https://nypost.com/2016/11/22/trump-wont-pursue-charges-against-clinton/ Didn't keep us in suspense for long, did they...
  8. There seems to be a coordinated effort to push a coup narrative against president-elect & parallel #AuditTheVote trend (due to alleged Russian involvment). It presents the federal agencies as "compromized" and scaremongers about the coming regime. Military coup was alluded to several times. I wouldn't be alarmed at all if it wasn't Sarah Kendzior (Freedom House, Open Society Foundations - Soros) and the Chalupa Family (DNC / Digital Maidan - Ukraine) who are pushing this. Interesting read by Bill Moran: http://www.bombshellreporting.com/coup https://twitter.com/BillMoranWrites
  9. Americans stand up to corruption?

    He's a millionare businessman, so my immediate assumtion is that he's not. Still wanna be wrong, though! There is no real democratic party to triangulate towards for him, even if he's that kind of dude. My prediction is that he will govern from the commercial right wing, gradually getting deals with republican spheres and forgetting about his wiser policies. I don't believe he will even touch Clinton. I'm afraid most of Americans will sit on their asses waiting for the next year, and he will make you forget about the indictments by that time. Not much good ever comes from top to bottom, most significant changes are usually achieved by the preassure from you the people. So please don't just wait for guardian angel Trump to save the country next year.
  10. Not by default. I know, when you discover the numerous controlled oppositions it gets quite discouraging. But I'd say different people and organisations are compromised to a different degree. Being aware of that degree and the spheres of influence is important, so we understand their limitations. Still have to work with what we've got. BTW, a recommended listen on Soros for your spare hour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PwHgfWue7U
  11. Hello, The link you provided goes to your own post, could you post it again? Thanks
  12. The Hillary Clinton Takeover of the United States

    I'd love to see her face now. Well done, America. Corruption, treason, obstruction of justice, lying under oath weren't ignored it seems. However there's a lot of work ahead - here's a song for you : ) https://youtu.be/xRGGbyZzuTg?t=31s
  13. Here's a new doc from Netherlands (VPRO Backlight series) on Bernie's movement. It won't give you more information about the bullshitery, but it won't lie about HRC being a great candidate either (barely mentions her). I see it as a mildly interesting way of documenting Bernie's campaign from an outside perspective. Contains interviews with Jane Sanders and campaign's creative director among others, also quite a lot of heartwarming scenes.
  14. FBI reopens email investigation

    Sorry I thought it happend in Colorado and that's why a local outlet was reporting on it. My bad, thank you for your patient explanation : )
  15. https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/55311