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  1. Why I don't like Jill Stein

    I don't believe HRC is evil. Donald Trump is a psychopath however. It's not just "the wifi worries". Actually read the replies and see how people explain how she is wrong on so many issues
  2. Dr. Jill Stein did an Ask Me Anything-thread on reddit.com a day ago. People had the chance to ask questions, to which Jill Stein (or someone of her campaign) could reply. Here is the thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/5a2d2l/title_jill_stein_answers_your_questions/ If you read the questions, it becomes clearer and clearer that she has no idea what she is talking about on a lot of critical issues, including the safety of Nulcear energy and Wi-Fi. Many people have pointed out where she is wrong in the replies, so go have a read
  3. Will Donald Trump Start the second american civil war

    There's a group of people who will make short work of silencing such revolt. Namely these guys:
  4. Show URL Shortener

    Immediately checked if it returned the same shortened URL for the same input URL, great job. It's the fine details that make programmers smile.
  5. Evidence of corruption = Ineligibly to Proceed

    I think it would be easier if they were tried in court (federal court if it is for a federal position). This would guarantee the right to an attorney as well. It would also require a very precise and exact definition of corruption. The usual providing for an entity that helped them obtain the position would not work, because an environmentalist politician with support from environmentalist organisation would fall under this category, and I don't think that's what you mean. Anyway, have your upvote, great you started a topic about it.
  6. The way it works here is that a separate public organisation monitors the city and they report everything bad they see to the meldkamer (911) which handles all information going to the police, hospitals and the fire departments. Also, they need a warrant for that unless national law prescribes forfeiture. (e.g. drunk driving five times IIRC)
  7. Robot Laws

    @Antinomy Interesting. I had thought about making a legal distinction between self-'thinking' robots and programmed/controlled robots before I wrote the post, but I couldn't find a good example. It really isn't al that futuristic, seeing the recent development in machine learning, motorics and speech recognition/generation.
  8. PodestaEmails10 Summary

    Somehow the link stops after 'podesta-email', so you have to copy the link and paste it in the URL field manually.
  9. Robot Laws

    Hey guys, Robots (home robots, automatic delivery drones, etc.) are becoming a thing, and sooner or later this will need to be regulated to prevent problems. I'm not talking about robots taking control... What are your ideas on what should be in the robot law? This is a serious thread, so don't make fun of it. Some ideas I had: The police should be allowed to deactivate (for example by shooting it) and seize robots that violate laws that apply to humans. Example: An automatic drone steals an apple from the grocery store. Reason: It would be a legislative nightmare to rewriting all laws that prohibit a human from doing something to cover robot actions. Active robots should be required to have some sort of registration mark to find the owner when the robot behaves inappropriately, or else law enforcement may catch/destroy it. Reason: a human made/bought the robot and thus is ultimately responsible. What are your thoughts?
  10. The current private-public partnerships aren't good indeed. What should be the way to deal with companies that mess up? I think the government should be able to seize companies that seriously mess up and try to hide the damage or refuse to fix it. (e.g. oil spills/methane leaks)
  11. Yes.

    I agree, Yes. But how? There are numerous ways to implement UH. Which way is the best? To implement universal healthcare, a few questions need to be answered? Who gets treated first? How are hospitals financed? What do doctors get paid? There's still a lot to be discussed, so I guess that's what this board is for.
  12. Hello from Europe!

    No problem, welcome bud. Good to know I'm not the only one VPRO Backlight (YouTube Channel: vpro documentary) is great food for thought, and I regularly watch it. 11/10 recommend it to everyone here. I had heard about the name Ron Paul before and just read a bit about him, seems like a sensible politician.
  13. I doubt the writer is American, because anyone with English as first language would know that the word 'in-biased' doesn't mean anything. Someone with English as first language would use 'unbiased'. What the posts say looks interesting, however. Not releasing the documents until just before the election would be an effective move, because no new electors could register to be on the ballot, so the DNC wouldn't be able to install a replacement. If Bernie is on the ballot on more states, the DNC could try to endorse him to remain at least a little viable.
  14. Hello from Europe!

    The reason (I think) The Young Turks don't discuss policy a lot is because when it's discussed, it's often because of the news of that day. Back in the primaries, there was a lot of news about Bernie Sanders, and therefore also about the policies he favoured. These days it's when some country makes a bold move (like Germany banning petrol cars after 2030). I do not think it's become more pro-Hillary - Cenk especially is very critical of almost every politican. Do you also watch the David Pakman show? You won't convince diehard Hillary supporters to vote for anyone else - and please don't try to if you're in a swing state - but there are more elections than just the presidential one. Doing some research on local progressive candidates and getting your friends engaged may result in more positive experiences. And yes, definitely keep in touch
  15. I find the framing of this message a bit problematic.It would do good to include the 2nd line after: