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  1. The Clinton Foundation may change names but it will not stop taking in bribes. The Clintons still have many connections even out of office and eventually Chelsey will run for office or they will hand pick someone that will do the job and shut up for a price. She wont be going to jail even though the Clintons have jailed countless people with their past legislation. All the really worst of us like Bush Cheney Clinton Trump Kissinger always walk free. They built the laws to ensure this outcome.
  2. ya know mike when you don't post a video in over a week it's like a little part of us never came home. Let us see what you have been up to. I work like 10 hours a day and when I come home I seek out my information and you happen to be one of my sources of entertainment and information. Even if there is no news you want to cover you should still do something. You are a smart guy and creative. Let's hear what ya got for us this week. Happy thanksgiving!

  3. The Hillary Clinton Takeover of the United States

    I imagine some of the people she owes favors/money too are not the type of people you do not pay. and with trump saying he is going to look hard into her situation with the servers and the foundation. I imagine she is shitting herself.
  4. Did NBC just post just post Election Day Results

    that is how it would look if the machines are set to rig for hrc. that's how she beat Bernie in like 11 states 51-49. in this case it is just more runners so it divides them with18% for the 3rd parties. we will see after the vote if it matches and we will know for sure...right?
  5. FBI reopens email investigation

    how did Anthony have the clearance to access the documents?
  6. Greetings "Populism" vs. critical thinking?

    both parties are corrupt thus the only way to ever fix the corruption is by voting for another party. you have to see this as a war and this election is only the first battle. this battle will give us a better foothold if we can get enough people to stop voting for corruption.
  7. Why I don't like Jill Stein

    Greens are the only candidates for removing money from politics.
  8. Why I don't like Jill Stein

    HRC is incredibly evil she is destroying our national security and subverting our justice system as she sells favors to the middle east. I think jill is right on the issues. however even if she did not have a clue. she is the only one moving in the right direction.
  9. Why I don't like Jill Stein

    no one is perfect. the draw behind Jill is that she is not evil. when you have 2 evil candidates running. I mean you are comparing wifi worries that she wont act on to kids dying from drones that neither hrc or trump will stop. come on.
  10. Let's think of things this way. If all Johnson support realized this year Johnson is not representing their values the best and Trump supporters realized his Issues like wanting to fuck his kid to wanting to fuck yours to turning the country against itself separating it on race and Clinton supporters realized that she did not win the primaries and that she is selling our Justice system Legislative system and soon our electoral system to anyone with a pocket book big enough all voted for the one person without a major scandal that is a Harvard dr. and is trying to make democracy represent us for a change. So it comes down to what do you actually stand for? If you cast a vote for either major candidate I feel you need to own that vote. You don't get to hide behind well the other guy was worse. If you Voted for Oboma then you voted for droning American Citizens overseas with out a trial. Own that. When you go and vote and your guy Bombs a fucking kid or what ever that's on you. You helped instil that. You said this is the guy you want to represent you to the world. There is only 1 candidate on enough states to win that represents the citizens of America. Just make the right choice no matter what state you are in or Own it. When we are at war with Russia I for one can say I voted against it. Can you?
  11. The mass of Jill supporters are from the dnc. this part should be more than enough to gap her well below trump. Also consider Weld might as well have endorsed HRC for this election.
  12. I do not believe so. We simply need to vote for the person we think is best for the job. Then we need to hold the voting of each state under supervised paper audit. In order to do that we all have to get off our ass.
  13. is this real?

    the interview is real.
  14. To be clear my vote can change. In order to accomplish that you would need to provide facts that your candidate is more progressive and on enough states to win. Trump is not a progressive so you are voting against yourself.
  15. yeah we are doing that now. We are not waiting until 2020. In my state of Missouri we progressives collected enough signatures to get Jill on the ballot and we have green running for gov senate and representatives. We make our own future. And I for one will not be told well start next year when the fight is now. Every election there is some joker telling you well you have to start next time this time is to important. No I am good we did not get her on 47 states to not fight for her to win. Join the good guys. Don't be the one who holds back the most progressive candidate running because you want to stop corruption. Be the one who took that progressive candidate as far as you could in spite of all the corruption. Only one candidate is for no money in politics. That's the Green party.