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  1. hey mike love the live broadcasts on youtube. thanks!

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    On Monday June 26th, 2017, Michael Trimm volunteered two bumper stickers for the #unrig campaign to get a 2017 Election Reform Act introduced to un rig the system and put the Government back to work for the American People. These bumper stickers are free to download, print yourself, etc. They are licensed as Creative Commons Attribution.
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  4. https://steemit.com/steemit/@realmiketrimm/united-states-just-months-away-from-dictatorship Donald Trump will not be a dictator. Cool your tool if you started hyperventilating about hating our President. Stop committing treason. The United States is dangerously close to a dictatorship. I want to break it down for you and give you my opinion. I have no source telling me the United States is going to become a dictatorship. I have no evidence to support these claims. I am just posing to you a very important philosophical question to everyone, and I want you to answer it truthfully and honestly. When you do, perhaps you will understand what the Political Revolution really is… Free Speech is being challenged right now in a very politically hot climate. There are roaring fires going on right now from both the hard core left (ANTIFA funded by a Hungarian terrorist, George Soros) and the hard core right (MAGA / AmericaFirst). This fight is one that we must all win, otherwise, the United States will officially become a dictatorship. Let me break it down for you, nice and simple, okay? A lot of people don’t seem to understand the seriousness of the situation. They think this is just “politics” or what have you. They say things like, “the election was last year, give it up already!” Sorry, I can’t. We can’t. We must defend free speech. The Shadow Government (or Deep State) is real. They were directly involved in the stand down of 9/11. See https://medium.com/@realMikeTrimm/9-11-fan-fiction-fakenews-ps-it-could-be-real-62d8208844ce They were directly involved in passing the illegal Patriot Act that authorized the President to declare war against any country without going through Congress, and creating the mass surveillance state using tax payer money to keep their secrets safe. The Shadow Government is trying to take down Congress and replace it with a full blown Dictatorship. They make it impossible for Congressmen, Congresswoman and Senators to actually make change and they force their obedience through Pizzagate. They force them to vote in favor of their illegal activity. Anyone who challenges them is murdered. Cat’s out of the bag. Everybody knows this stuff now. It’s in the wide open. You know who the enemy of our country is? It’s the Shadow Government and the Deep State. Free Speech is the ability to speak your mind. If you don’t think Transgender people are real humans, well sad day for both of you. First nobody should care whether or not you think Transgender people are real humans, and second you shouldn’t care if somebody doesn’t think Transgender people are real humans. Free speech is the unique ability for opposing views to be able to peacefully communicate their concerns and issues without resorting to violence, riots, revolutions, civil wars, wars, etc. Free speech enables peace. All free speech, freedom of thought and freedom of information enables peace. If somebody wants to hate somebody else because they were born or not born in Mexico or Japan or France, they must be able to speak their mind freely so long as there is no violence involved. Free speech enables peace. We must accept that people have differing views. We must accept that we cannot physically harm others for simply having different views. We must end the slavery that people are trapped into but believing that different views are dangerous and harmful for you. They are not. We must win this revolution. We are in a civil war. Free speech is the weapon that we must use against the Shadow Government / Deep State. They are trying to shut down Pizzagate and cover that up. They are trying to shut down Wikileaks to prevent Vault 7 from further exposing what the CIA has been up to the past 70 years. They are trying to shut down the fraud in the DNC by murdering Seth Rich and a dozen others in the 2016 Election. All of the victims were people who opposed Hillary Clinton and the Shadow Government. If Donald Trump sells out, we are going to be faced with a very dangerous precedent. We may lose our Free Speech rights. If that happens, the CIA will have no issue doing to Trump what they did to Kennedy and install Mike Pence as the formal Dictator of the United States. Patriots, veterans, fellow Americans, we must unite behind defeating the Shadow Government and embrace Free Speech, in all its form. Free Speech enables peace. We need to start the dialogue in disclosing everything the Government knows about Alien Technology. We need full disclosure of what really happened in Roswell, NM. We need to disclosure unlimited free clean energy, anti-gravity vehicles / UFOs, medical advancements, cleaning up our environment, and dropping all dependency on Oil and the modern Banking System. Dr. Steven Greer has launched a new book called UNACKNOWLEDGED http://amzn.to/2qcf7bO which discloses an imminent False Flag terrorist attack that the Shadow Government is on the verge of doing should they lose the War On Terror (or be overthrown by Trump). This false flag is an alien invasion that is all staged. The amount of fear and chaos they are hoping to create as a result of this would enable them to “legally” authorize the Full Dictatorship of the United States. They could easily pull off another JFK, only this time the lone shooter was a UFO. The truth is coming out. It will be coming out through the alternative media (sources like me). It will be coming out through Wikileaks’ Vault 7 series. The truth will be coming out through the Shadow Brokers. The truth will be coming out from other groups unannounced yet. Full Disclosure is coming. The Deep State is going to be taken down. We must defend Free Speech though. It is essential that we keep it in order to have the discussions needed, internationally, to reasonably fix climate change and give this free energy technology to every country on Planet Earth. When this happens, the world is going to change forever. For the good. Some people will ask me, what happens when you have a terrorist that may use this technology against us — let me retort back to you in the form of a question; do you think they just decided one day to become terrorists, or did something really horrible, really traumatic, happen to them and their family where when they learned about the truth about why they were murdered, they turn out to fight. When you remove that reciprocity for destruction by encouraging Free Speech (all speech including hate speech), you have an opportunity to see the true light that is within all humans. No baby is ever born evil. They just want to be loved and taken care of for as long as required then contribute back to the community, and be something more than just themselves. We all want that. It doesn’t matter if you’re Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Arab, or whatever alien race you may be; we all want love and peace. Only in fear do we create hate. Free Speech discloses all that you may be afraid of and gives you the right to establish your own boundaries in what you think is right and wrong — and that’s okay with everybody else; on one condition. Free Speech never involves any sort of violence — physical or excessive emotional violence. You speak your mind and you never harm another person. We need to get rid of the guilt. Disclosure is coming. A Dictatorship is among us. Which side will you be on? I’m Michael Trimm, author and host of the Michael Trimm Show, featured on YouTube and RT America. Make sure to subscribe to the channel and join the online community at https://michaeltrimmshow.com/join and consider a premium membership to help support the channel. Everything Michael Trimm works on and publishes is completely voluntary. People are free to send Michael gifts and donations to his cause. It only helps him fund the equipment and servers necessary to run the channel independently without any advertiser dependencies. Thank you for reading.
  5. https://steemit.com/shadowbrokers/@realmiketrimm/michael-trimm-s-response-to-the-shadowbrokers Hey Steemit, Michael (https://twitter.com/realMikeTrimm) here from the Michael Trimm Show (https://mts.yt/show). So I had this crazy idea the other day about how I could simple explain how to defeat the Deep State and suddenly @TheShadowBrokers shatter the internet by releasing seriously dangerous exploits the NSA was illegally using to attack SWIFT banking systems as well as middle eastern banking systems. I decided to personally respond to their Grammar Critics article posted on Steemit. Here is my response: So, little grammar; little grammar sit down. Little bit of harsh language in there too. Apologize if some of my language from this article that I read directly offended you. But language is language, and as long as you don’t allow words to bother you, you will be strong. Now my response to this, because there are two parts to this that are deeply disturbing and deeply important for you to understand that I want to try to communicate to you right now. The @theshadowbrokers are probably linked with #Vault7 from WikiLeaks. They’re probably a similar group of people. They’re probably people that have this opinion about the way things are and the way things should be. We are in a Civil War right now. If anybody doesn’t believe that we’re in a Civil War I encourage them to open to the newspaper and just read all of the bullshit. All of it. Ask yourself, what have I gotten from this? Have I actually been helped by the policies of Barack Obama, by the policies of George W Bush, by the policies of Bill Clinton, by the policies of Ronald Reagan. The 99% of us have not been helped. When you look at some of the Reagan economics were introduced, it ushered in massive capitalism and massive levels of greed; being able to over charge, price gouge, false advertising, etc. Bill Clinton introduced, I’m forgetting Bush Sr., well there’s a whole book about Bush Sr. that I can’t even go into right now because he’s one evil motherfucker — sorry for my language. Bill Clinton — where do I even begin? Seriously. Everybody professed; the media professed how wonderful Bill Clinton was. How absolutely wonderful he was as a President. Being able to balance the budget, coming out with a surplus, and that evil George W Bush left a deficit! Yet nobody seems to talk about the fact Obama added nearly double the amount of debt to the deficit than George B Bush added. Nobody ever talks about that! Why? Because he was a Democrat. Next. George W Bush passed The Patriot Act, which was unconstitutional. It was written years before 9/11 and required another Pearl Harbor, like event, such as 9/11, in order to use chaos and confusion of the American people, who were grieving over the loss of our friends and families on 9/11; they used that advantage in order to pass this illegal law that has given the United States the authority to invade 7 or more countries illegally waging war against them without the authorization of Congress. Thats what 9/11 was about. Thats why we’re in the cluster fuck that we’re in. The truth about 9/11 is out in the open yet for some reason unless it’s the Government admitting what the truth is, there are people who will choose not to believe it! That is the root of the problem! They chose not believe it! First and foremost, you don’t choose facts and secondly, facts are not subjugated to your beliefs. Those are very important things to point out. That while you may believe that 9/11 was committed by Saddam Hussein, you’re stupid if you believe that because your belief is irrelevant to the facts. And the fact of the matter is, 9/11 was an inside job in order to usher in The New American Century, which we are seeing right now. So all of these liberals and all of these democrats and even some of these republicans who are so excited and happy that Donald Trump has launched MOAB against ISIS, killing 36 islamic state militants. Were you have cowards, like John Iadarola “Donald Trump is keeping his promise by killing civilians.” Yet, John Iadarola was silent on The Young Turks about the all of the civilians that were murdered under Barack Hussein Obama II. It’s that type of blind eye that the media and the political elite have created for our country. They created the problem that we are in. We’re being too politically correct — being able to censor and filter your thoughts and your words and what you believe to be true. That type of action is causing all of the problems we are having right now. It’s why we can’t address the problems. Take a deep breath with me. (breath) We’re in a Civil War right now. When you understand that in war at least the way the United States Government operates, there are no such things as laws. We’re in war right now. Do we want a Police State where doctors who are going to see patients get the shit beaten out of them because they chose to fly United? And the fact that United wanted to put crew members on — he payed for the seat — they wanted the crew members on instead in his seat and they decided to forcibly remove him, giving him a concussion. I support him and his efforts to sue United. I’d like to United shut down as a company. I would like to see the CEO of United prosecuted for not taking appropriate action in an anti-trust lawsuit. This is essential. Corporations are not people! They are not people! Just because you have a corporation like CNN telling you that it is illegal to read WikiLeaks, does not mean that is illegal to read WikiLeaks! Its just WikiLeaks exposes their lies. And thats why they don’t want you to read it. Conquer and Divide is the strategy the United States mainstream and sometimes alternative stream media is actively involved in. They use their propaganda machine in order to Divide and Conquer, based on race relations, based on income wealth inequality, based on healthcare, based on republican vs democrat, based on do you — based on everything. Divide and Conquer is their method. And it works! We’re seeing that it works! But it only works for negativity. It only works for harming you. It only works for victimizing you. Let’s take a deep breath. We are in a Civil War. We really are. Except, the Civil War we are in now is a non-violent Civil War. It is an Information War, and yes, InfoWars took the title — I realize that, and some of their stuff is garbage, and some of it is brilliant. The Information War started after 9/11… well, it actually kind of started after Kennedy… and kind of after Roswell. The Information War is the idea that the Government can classify information it sees as sensitive to its own existence. To a certain degree, that is absolutely necessary. But should we allow the CIA to continue blackmailing politicians with pedophilia through Jeffrey Epstein in order to continue carrying out the agenda of the CIA? Which is the unconstitutional enterprise in the United States. You’ll find out sooner than later that the CIA had the upper hand in the orchestrating the stand down of 9/11. You might also learn that there was a direct interest from Israel for 9/11 happening and the aftermath that would follow us invading Iraq. This is going to tough next few days for a lot of you. We having to deal with news and information and negativity like you wouldn’t believe. Like you would not believe. That is going to try to depress you, its going to try to make you upset, its going to try to divide and conquer you. And you know what? If you let it, they’ll win. If you let it divide you — they win. Only through information do you learn as @theshadowbrokers are pointing out, that when we fight amongst ourselves, we forget who our handlers are. Like for instance, why are we not having daily protests in Washington about #Pizzagate? Why? Why aren’t we doing it? Its because our lives are controlled by the banking system. and its the Banking Cartel (The Money Mafia — Paul Helleyer) that control the CIA. and so as long as the Banking Cartel can convince Congress, through blackmail through, tons of money, through pedophilia, that Corporations are People and that Government services should be ordered to assault People on behalf of Corporations wanting to destroy our environment! How is that allowed? How is that allowed?! What type of world do we live in? This is what @theshadowbrokers are talking about! If you think @theshadowbrokers are traitors, you are misunderstanding… they are not traitors, they are Patriots! They just want freedom, they want liberty, and justice for all as our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence, and our Civil Rights have demanded. Donald trump is being coerced in his campaign rhetoric of defeating ISIS. The reality the situation is, Donald Trump was correct on the campaign trail to assume that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton directly had the upper hand in creating what is known as the Islamic State. Donald Trump is doing and making decision based on the advice of traitors in Washington right now who are trying to provoke World War 3! Because who benefits from World War 3? The banks! And who gets because of World War 3? You and me. It’s our kids and our daughters and sons and brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers — it would be all of us who would get called into the draft if World War 3 got out of hand. It would be people like me who would be called into the draft. I don’t want a war that I don’t agree with. I know that its fake. I know that. I understand the system. This is an Information War. When you understand the playing field… when you understand whats happening to you… whats happening to your family… whats happening to our environment… whats happening around the world where millions of civilians are getting their lives destroyed, by this Deep State. And honestly, this Deep State is roughly 500 people. Former CIA Analyst Robert David Steele was recently by Victurus Libertas VL on YouTube and Mr. Steele stated point blank that William Binney, the former NSA whistleblower, the highest ranking member of the NSA to be a whistleblower, has the ability, the knowledge today, the clearance and the classification levels to communicate with Donald Trump directly about how to get rid of the NSA and move 30% of that is actually useful part, that he designed into the Central Intelligence Agency and then cut the CIA in half, by getting rid of the BlackOps programs… getting rid of the drug smuggling… the pedophilia networks, and all of the stuff they use for blackmail against politicians who are elected by you and me to represent us. They don’t represent us. They really don’t. And they never will while the CIA is able to continue to blackmailing them. The media is deploying divide and conquer on the population in order to keep us from going after the Deep State. The Deep State blackmails our politicians into doing their bidding. Don’t you understand? The CIA is the root of the problem! The root of the problem! And they just declared war — a relative war — against Wikileaks over Vault7 publications. This is beyond… beyond psychotic what our Government is doing. Do we need to defeat ISIS? Yes. How do we defeat ISIS? We shut the shut the Central Intelligence Agency down. They’re behind it. When is the President going to realize that. He knew it beforehand both the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the former President Barack Obama were the masterminds behind the Islamic State and using the Central Intelligence Agency as their control mechanism. Now some people have commented on a video that I posted a few days ago with Hillary Clinton speaking at a Congressional hearing saying that she said the following: “Let’s remember here… the people we are fighting today we funded them twenty years ago… and we did it because we were locked in a struggle with the Soviet Union. “They invaded Afghanistan… and we did not want to see them control Central Asia and we went to work… and it was President Reagan in partnership with Congress led by Democrats who said you know what it sounds like a pretty good idea… let’s deal with the ISI and the Pakistan military and let’s go recruit these mujahideen. “And great, let them come from Saudi Arabia and other countries, importing their Wahhabi brand of Islam so that we can go beat the Soviet Union. “And guess what … they (Soviets) retreated … they lost billions of dollars and it led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. “So there is a very strong argument which is… it wasn’t a bad investment in terms of Soviet Union but let’s be careful with what we sow… because we will harvest. And people are saying that I’m taking it out of context. I’m not taking it out of context. This has been the Council on Foreign Relations plan. This has been executed by the Central Intelligence Agency. Why are we not seeing this? Why are you not seeing this? We’re being controlled by a group of 500 people right now in the Government who control everything. Who are all committing treason. Robert David Steele pointed out a very interesting metric for me. There are less than 5% of American Citizens who are Jewish. Yet, the relationship the United States has with Israel is stronger than the relationship that it has with Canada. There are more Canadians living in the United States, who are American Citizens, than there are Jews. Now why would the United States pick a relationship with Israel? Why not another country? Seriously? Ever hear of the Rothschild’s. They’re the center of a major conspiracy known as the Illuminati who were behind the creation of Israel shortly after an unidentified flying object landed in Roswell, MN that threatened the entire Banking Cartel’s existence and they decided to wage war on them and they used Israel as the key ally in creating the most chaos the world has seen in modern history. The chaos in the world prevents humanity from getting access to the technology our millennial generation can unlock for us. We have within us the ability to clean our environment up, invent in significant medical break throughs, harvest free and abundant solar energy and end our relationship with Oil. Our politicians devote themselves to Israel because thats what is what the media demands of them, and the banking system demands of them, and the Central Intelligence demands of them. It’s because while there is conflict in the Middle East, the United State’s Banking Cartel control how everyone in the world by controlling the source of energy for our economy to function. Scientists like Nicola Tesla discovered Zero Point Energy and the Banking Cartel has been behind preventing the major scientific breakthroughs from getting released. That they put Israel first and say the hell with America. Thats why we had 9/11. Thats why we have all of the bullshit that we’ve had. Thats why. It’s because we don’t have a government that functions normally. It’s filled with traitors that put the entire United States in Second Place and they put you and I in last place. We’re nothing to them! We’re nothing! And as long as you allow them to continue dividing and conquering you we’re going to continue having war. We need to demand… ALL OF US need to demand — AMERICA FIRST! And it has nothing to with being anti-Semitic it. It has nothing to do with being racist. It has nothing to do with being sexist. It has to do with America. Now remember, America is a nation of immigrants who assimilate the American Dream that they can work hard, play by the rules, and they can make a living for themselves and they can be who they want to be. Well you know what, there are millions of us who want to be who want to be to make a living, to take care of our families, and we cant! because every-things too expensive. This is our future. This is our reality! @theshadowbrokers are a group of Patriots who are fighting in a Civil War. They know what the consequences of their actions are are. As a member of the press through my broadcast The Michael Trimm Show, it is my responsibility and duty to provide you, the American people the truth about our society and about our political system. I wish to re-emphasis how the Deep State is controlling you. You must realize in order to defeat them it will take an enormous amount of effort and energy for you to overcome. You must cancel cable television. All of it. I don’t care if you want to watch sports! Cancel it. Get an individual subscription. Cancel it! Look at alternative sources like NFL subscriptions or NHL subscriptions through smart TVs. You can get most of your TV shows, advertisement free, on YouTube, iTunes Store, Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu, HBOGo, Gaia, and others. You control the content that you consume and you don’t put money into the hands of the people who are doing things in the world that you disagree with. That is their propaganda weapon. They control you with all of their news programs like CNN, FoxNews, MSNBC (or as Lionel Nation says MS-DNC), all of the talk shows like Dr. Phil and others, all of the late night television like Bill Maher, Saturday Night Live, and all of those things; are just propaganda in order to divide and conquer you. Their propaganda is weaponized in movies, desensitizing you to extreme violence. Their propaganda is weaponized in the form of music to shape society and coerce you into ways of thinking. The mainstream media produces content that brainwashes the American people while the advertising companies are using psychological warfare against you in order to build up this suicidal capitalistic society. Right now, they’re winning! And as long as you continue to consume mainstream media, they win. It’s how they hurt you. And I have to make one final announcement, and that is The Young Turks officially become just as bad as a news channel as CNN. Its nothing but garbage what they’re producing, what they’re talking about. They’re not actually to come up with real solutions to the problem. They’re just sitting their bitching and complaining about things from the liberal perspective. I understand that liberals need to have a perspective, but divide and conquer is how they’re winning! We have to stop it! All of us do! We have to. If we don’t, there will be World War 3! We will all die. At least a majority of us will. I don’t know how else to stress this to you. I don’t. I want a future that is prosperous. Live Long And Prosperous.
  6. https://steemit.com/wikileaks/@realmiketrimm/donald-trump-s-base-will-abandon-him-on-may-1st-listen-up Donald Trump is on the verge of losing his entire base because he’s playing the CIA’s bitch right now, and we’ve had enough of it. I’m not going to go into what other great writers have said, instead I’m going to build on what Mike Cernovich (link: https://mts.yt/i/CNCuT7), Caitlin Johnstone (link: https://mts.yt/i/iaOAeO), and Robert David Steele (link: https://mts.yt/i/C3K7cP) have said very eloquently. Donald Trump won against a rigged election that was proven to be executed and orchestrated (outside a court of law, because our legal system refuses to touch the actual perpetrator) by (allergy) Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz and a slew of others who come to mind (such as George Soros). During the Democratic Primary, Bernie supporters got cheated and this fractured the democratic party in favor of Donald Trump. We, as hardcore Bernie Sanders supports, could not handle accepting a Hillary Clinton Presidency. Just imagine scandal after scandal and “I don’t recall” and her being too stupid to know what (C) meant in a classified document, after being surrounded by classified materials for almost 20 years. Give me a break. We were cheated and we Americans made our voice heard. The 5% paid and unaware minority who supported Hillary Clinton without knowing ANYTHING about her record – treating her in a purely non-sexist manner, unanimously called everyone else racist, sexists, xenophobic, etc. in order to coerce us into feeling guilty for Hillary Clinton so that we would vote for her. Um… no thank you. Not gonna happen. Not now, not ever. Robert Davide Steele brings up some hard truths for us to swallow. Our election system is rigged. We have not had a legitimate election for decades and the result of this is has given us war after war after war with a destroyed economy, an over inflated fiat currency which enslaves you and I, and a Shadow Government, who the FBI even acknowledged, kinda does their own shit with absolutely NO OVERSIGHT. How is this acceptable in a democracy? Lawyer and practitioner of Law, Cliff Arnebeck (https://archive.fo/vtrYh) , reported on July 25th, 2016 a very well documented and legitimately sourced materials, that the 2016 Democratic Primary was rigged illegally against Bernie Sanders and that it was Hillary Clinton’s racketeering organization (official name is unknown) that was behind this collusion. We saw voter rolls purged, people weren’t able to vote because they hadn’t declared themselves as “Democrats” unreasonably in advance, and actual machine rigging processes being executed by Soros owned Electronic Voting Machine companies. I could go on until the sun stops shinning about how Hillary Clinton stole this election from us and forced us with Donald Trump. But I won’t. I want to focus on what May 1st means and what we all must do. Donald Trump has until May 1st to abandon the treasonous CIA lead collation into prepping the United States for World War 3. Nobody, outside of the Military Intelligence Industrial Complex (MIIC), want war with Russia, North Korea, China, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, etc.. We want peace. That’s it. We have a treasonous CIA who is continuing to create false flag events in order to drive Americans into a stream of terror where they feel like they must be enslaved in this two party duopoly and forced to go to war with a country they don’t want to go to war with. The Political Revolution from Bernie Sanders is the same political revolution that was behind Donald Trump. Feel The Bern. We do feel the burn. We really do. Some of us prefer the conservative approach to limiting the role of Government and removing our $600B military budget and actually returning wealth and prosperity to the people of THIS country, the United States of America. Some of us prefer the socialist view were the corrupt as fuck Government will decide every single decision for you. Bernie Sanders woke me up to the revolution, but I quickly learned during the General Election 2016 that Bernie Sanders is a controlled opposition tool the Deep State uses to divide and conquer us. Bernie Sanders is a Deep State hack. We cannot trust Bernie Sanders at all. He is parading around the United States with Tom Perez, another rigged Democratic Election, trying to convince people to support the Democrats like senile Nancy Pelosi, senile Maxine Waters, and (alleged pedophile) Chucky Schumer. CreepyChucky right. Those two “major Democratic leaders” are partnering with a senile pedophile, and alleged POW, John McCain and pedophile Lindsey Graham (according to Robert David Steele, former CIA analyst). These Senators who are supposed to “represent us” are being blackmailed by the CIA with pedophilia and snuff films to continue to do the bidding of the Shadow Government or the Deep State, according to Robert David Steele. Donald Trump will lose his base on May 1st including myself. I am the host of the Michael Trimm Show on YouTube who had been hit hard with censorship coming from Eric Schmidt of Google/Alphabet/YouTube. Why am I being censored? Why was my advertising cut from over $2,000/month down to $15/month? I reported on Pro-Trump topics. I reported on Pro-America topics. I reported on Pizzagate (or Pedogate). I reported on the truth. I will report your downfall. We are in a civil war. On May 1st we will abandon Donald Trump and probably push very hard for his impeachment. Don’t worry, we don’t like Pence either. We’ll push for his impeachment too. And Paul Ryan’s impeachment. And anybody else who thinks they can hide the truth from us, when Wikileaks has done the entire world the greatest service in modern history. Julian Assange is a hero, not a criminal. He deserves a thousand Nobel Peace Prizes, as opposed to our war criminal former President Barack Obama, who received a Nobel Peace Prize shortly after becoming President while expanding his illegal drone warfare program with the collusion of Hillary Clinton on a private email server – committing treason against the United States. We know the truth! We will have a revolution if Donald Trump does not cut the shit with the CIA and take the advice of former NSA whistleblower William Binney and former CIA Analyst Robert David Steele. Steele’s advice is to completely shut down the NSA. We need to move 30% of it that was created by William Binney, which costs $9M/year to operate and is 99% effective (as opposed to BILLIONS of dollars a year and is incapable of preventing a terrorist attack blowing up an I-85 bridge outside Atlanta, Georgia) and move that into the CIA. We need to then cut the entire CIA in half. We need to close all of the “military bases” around the world (we have over 1,000 of them). They are “lily pads” for trafficking drugs, organs, and children. Pizzagate is real. John Podesta’s emails opened that can of worms and exposed the world of Spirit Cooking and pedophilia that the elites in Washington enjoy. It’s fucking disgusting. Okay, so what does Donald Trump need to do by May 1st? Pardon Julian Assange and drop all cases against Wikileaks. Wikileaks got you elected dumbass. Ever have a pet? We teach our pets “don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” We are the ones who rely on Wikileaks to get the truth from the Fake News Media like CNN, MSNBC, etc. Introduce and pressure Congress (don’t worry, we’ll help) to pass the Electoral Reform Act of 2017 as recommended by Robert David Steele. Get Jeff Sessions in line or replace him. We want the Clinton Foundation associates PROSECUTED and JAILED for treason, child sex trafficking, election fraud, and racketeering. Americans also do not give a shit about marijuana like Jeff Sessions does. The War on Drugs is a CIA operation to enslave our black community and ruin people’s lives. It’s just a plant with hundreds of medical applications that threaten the establishment of the pharmaceutical industry. We know why it’s illegal. It’s not a schedule 1 drug, despite what you believe. Facts are facts and they are not subject to anybody’s beliefs. Start taking down Pizzagate. We want high level politicians taken down. We want the CIA exposed for being Israel/Mossad’s bitch. Open a formal investigation into the death of Seth Rich. Open a formal investigation into the Awan Brothers. Full Disclosure of Alien Technology and Black Budget Air Force and Navy Space Programs. Seek council of Dr. Steven M. Greer. This list is far from over. You promised us AmericaFirst but all that you’ve done in your nearly first 100 days is put #IsraelFirst and that is treason. We will take you down. We will have you impeached. Why has Donald Trump abandoned AmericaFirst and put IsraelFirst? According to Robert David Steele, it’s one of a few possibilities: He is being blackmailed with a snuff film of killing a two-year-old girl that Mossad/CIA have and are using to control him. He was always a Deep State candidate and he spent the last 2 years lying at every single turn to the American People, pretending to be the voice of change, but really just a sell out like Bernie Sanders and performed Controlled Opposition Psychological Warfare against the American People. He has this master plan to take down the Deep State and is playing 3-D chess right now with Putin and Assad. If so, start taking down the CIA drug/organ/child trafficking ring known as Pizzagate and this will show us that you’re seriously putting AmericaFirst. Donald Trump has been bought and paid for by the Rothschild’s for $20B to do the bidding of the Deep State. Do not abandon the base that got you elected to do a job. You work for us. You do not work for the Rothschild’s. We will replace you. You will be a disgrace. Get in line, Donald Trump, or lose your base and face Impeachment in May 2017.
  7. https://steemit.com/story/@realmiketrimm/9-11-fan-fiction-fakenews-ps-it-could-be-real I have a wild and crazy theory that I am just going to put out there… Since I have no evidence, the following piece must be understood as fiction unless proven real, which would be out of my control. The names are completely random and should be no cause for you to try and link them to real people. This is purely fictional. Do not believe this. Do you own research. Come to your own conclusion. There once was a woman named Hillary, who was married to Bill. They lived in a large white house. One day, Bill almost got fired from his job, and Hillary, being his wife, wanted to seek revenge against those who almost fired her husband, Bill. So Hillary connected with some of Bill’s old time friends from college or what-have-you, and got her girlfriend, Huma, and her husband to orchestrate and executed the terrorist attack on 9/11 in New York City in 2001 — all of it. Hillary and Huma were lovers. They preferred the soft touch to another female, then the aggressive beast of a man. Huma was her Saudi spy. Huma knew all of the high ranking members of the Muslim Brotherhood and the pro-Sharia Law council. Hillary knew she could depend on Huma to see to that the pilots had enough money to pay for flight lessons while publishing pro-Sharia law propaganda around the West out of a publication firm in London, UK. Huma was married to a manboy named Anthony, who was kind of a pedophile and liked sending dick-pics to underaged girls. This was okay for Huma because she preferred women anyway; though Islam prohibits that. This was a dark secret they were both hiding together. Anthony was deeply Jewish and very dedicated to Israel, and was an essential asset to the Mossad where Anthony could use his connections to Mossad to wire the buildings, especially building 7, to be pulled down in a controlled demolition. Anthony was her spy who orchestrated the Mossad part of 9/11. Huma worked for a terrorist pro-Sharia Law publication firm in London, UK with her mother. They expressed their views of female genital mutilation, pedophilia, slavery, public executions, and more, about how it’s good for society and good for Islam. In fact, after 9/11, the FBI wanted to label that publication firm as a terrorist organization but the request was blocked by another agency in the intelligence community. Mysterious reports on the day of 9/11 of celebrating Israelis in New Jersey shortly after the World Trade Center collapsed. Other reports in 9/11 truth documentaries have reported that Israeli “exchange students” were seen performing “artwork” in the essential areas of the World Trade Center, allegedly wiring the building for demolition. World Trade Center Building 7 was the smoking gun that the United States Government was directly involved in, not only the stand down, but also the execution of the demolition and complacency with the mainstream media. Bill was the muscle behind getting the CIA to agree to take down the World Trade Centers and compliance within the DIA to force the NORAD training exercises where they would be simulating the exact terrorist attack the CIA + Mossad + Saudi Arabia were about to perform against the United States. This request was from David and Lynn. David was a really close friend to Bill and Hillary from childhood. He was like their Aunt and Uncle. David suggested, that since he and Lynn had something to gain if the United States were to go to war with Iraq, but they needed a terrorist attack first. They decided the World Trade Center. It was the best financial win-win for them. The day before 9/11 the owner of the World Trade Center complex took out an insurance policy that included terrorist attacks with airplanes. According to whistleblower Sybil, the United States had already decided to go to war with Iraq before 9/11 happened. When 9/11 happened, the Shadow Government jumped on the opportunity to start preparing for war with Iraq. They needed a diversion though, they had to “look for the person who did it,” but really it was they who did it. They put out Fake News propaganda about Osama Bin Laden, a solider trained by the CIA, and claiming they needed to start looking for him in Afghanistan. That was short lived when they encountered the Taliban. This created the perfect storm for the Shadow Government. They had the war they wanted, they just needed to somehow get to Saddam. Why? Iraq had decided to go off the United States fiat Petro-dollar currency and use a currency that is backed by gold. But I digress. Bill was a bit of a sexual explorer. He liked all kinds of sex. Sex at work. Sex in weird positions. Sex in weird ways. Sex with children. He liked all kinds of sex. And Bill had an old boyfriend, whom he experimented with anal sex with young girls, named Jeff. Jeff was a strange kid. He always had a lot of money but something was a little lose inside his head. He had gotten into some trouble paying young girls to give him massages… sexual massages, where they would sexually fondle him. It got out of hand for him… too much feeling. He got caught, despite the threats he made to his victims. He got caught. But his sentence was exceptionally short and he served home arrest. Only a minor “inconvenience” for a Billionaire prisoner. Jeff even had his own private island with a sacrificial murder chamber, deep underground, in sound-proof top of the line Mossad security. Bill knew this stuff about Jeff and was okay with it. They were butt buddies for life. Once you cross that line with a man, there’s no going back. In the meantime, Jeff has been hard at work at Lolita Island collecting blackmail on politicians by exploiting the satanic cult rituals of the Law of One sacrificial ceremony where you murder a child and perform sexual acts on the victim both before and after death. The cult believes that by doing this pure act of evil, you will be enabled with strength and power and you will be able to accomplish world domination. At Bill’s previous job he spent a lot of time on TV. Talk shows. Documentaries. Interviews. You name it. Bill was involved. Bill loved to party with millionaires and billionaires in Hollywood. Bill had their silence that the massive pedophilia rings operated in LA would go untouched under a Bill and Hillary rule of law. They had their complete support from the moment go. Bill’s buddy Jeff provided them with the sexual fantasies they both feared and longed for. Hillary got a job similar to what Bill did, only lower in the managerial totem pole. Hillary too spent a lot of time on TV. She did documentaries and interviews and spoke about a whole range of topics. Hillary knew that she must present herself as a persona that was based entirely on the word of her handlers. She had everyone fooled. She thought she was going to become President, possibly Dictator. But we digress. Hillary got her friend Dick to get on board with it and hijack the job responsibilities of this hick named George. Dick’s large company (pun intended) would profit hugely (no pun intended) from going along with Hillary’s plan to take down the World Trade Centers. Again, I want to emphasis how important it is that you understand this. Since I have no evidence, this entire piece must be understood as fiction unless proven real, which would be out of my control. The names are completely random and should be no cause for you to try and link them to real people. This is purely fictional. Do not believe this. Do you own research. Come to your own conclusion.
  8. Why Americans Love Wikileaks

    https://steemit.com/wikileaks/@realmiketrimm/why-americans-love-wikileaks Hey Steemit, Michael here with the Michael Trimm Show, an infamously censored YouTube Channel (https://mts.yt/show) suppressed from viewership by the illustrious Eric Schmidt and his Clinton Foundation cronies. Why am I suppressed? I provide political commentary relevant to current events, as protected under the First Amendment, and I tell things as I see them. Today, I’m here to tell you exactly why Americans love Wikileaks, and why you should too. First and foremost, if you aren’t familiar with what Wikileaks is (or as @JakeTapper says “wikka leaks”), it’s an international media publication firm based on Planet Earth serving the “99%”. Yes, you read that right! The entire world reads Wikileaks. Wikileaks is a publication source that has far more credibility than the failing New York Times (remember when they tried to sell us Weapons of Mass Destruction in order to gaslight us into thinking we needed to invade Iraq?) and incalculable more credibility than CNN (or as I like to say the Clinton News Network). They receive their information from inside sources (of any and all world Governments, including extraterrestrial governments?) who wish to remain anonymous due to the sensitive nature of the information about to be disclosed. Internally, Wikileaks has a team of lawyers, editors, and cyber security experts who help protect the identity of their sources in order to verify the authenticity of the materials being submitted. Wikileaks has a “mysterious” method of uploading information to them which utilizes the Tor Browser (or the Onion Browser or the Dark Web). Other media publications do the same. Infect, The Intercept, which just recently broke the story about how the FBI is consistently finding “terrorists” who are really just undercover agents trying to bait Muslims into becoming radicalized [1] [2], uses the Dark Web to encourage a strict level of anonymity when providing sensitive and sometimes classified materials to them for publication. I want to solely focus on the 2016 election in the United States and allow you this unique opportunity to go to https://wikileaks.org and check out some of the tens of millions of publications that have attempted to change the world for the good of humanity. Now let’s take a step back and try to remember 2015. Hillary Clinton announced that she was running for President with the Democratic Party. The FBI and State Department Inspector General announced that a criminal referral for investigation was warranted over Secretary Clinton’s use of a private email server. In 2015 the Mainstream Media was silent about the seriousness of the alleged treason that Secretary Clinton committed. I started to take notice to this epidemic and felt that the country was about to fall into the hands of this psychotic sociopath who, according to CIA Analyst Robert David Steele, is not only involved in copious amounts of Pay to Play via the Clinton Foundation, but also directly involved in human trafficking — an epidemic being referred to by the Fake News Media as Pizza gate. Sources within the US Government refer to the human trafficking ring as Pedogate. It’s real. It is not fake news. Of course, none of us knew this in 2015. We were, as you could say, oblivious Americans who had “faith” in the electoral process and knew that a criminal FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton surely meant that she would be disqualified for becoming President of the United States. After all, she was referred to the FBI by the State Department’s Inspector General for Espionage (and possibly Treason). So why does America love Wikileaks? Wikileaks saved us from the tyranny that would become under a Madam President Hillary Clinton. What was our alternative choice? Thanks to the media rigging and the pied piper strategy, devised by the Clinton Campaign and John Podesta, the Mainstream Media refused to consider third party candidates like Jill Stein or Gary Johnson and instead dedicated their entire effort in talking about Trump this, Trump that, Trump this, Trump that, while at the same time saying “Hillary Clinton’s pretty much already won. She has a 99% chance of winning and its only January 2016.” Because of Hillary Clinton we have President Donald J. Trump. Because of Hillary Clinton Wikileaks came out on top and proved to the world that she was a purely corrupt politician. Now that the election is over and we’re well on our way through President Trump’s first 100 days, you probably are saying to yourself “What gives Wikileaks? Hillary Clinton is no longer a presidential candidate (THANK GOD), so why do you still continue leaking stuff?” The answer is quite simple really. The Deep State allowed Hillary Clinton to not get prosecuted for espionage and treason (allegedly) because they protect their own. That’s the golden rule to any criminal racketeering organization. You protect your own. The Deep State and Main Stream Media were protecting her because she was one of their own. We saw this through her private paid speeches to Goldman Sachs where she encouraged dismantling the United States’ borders and allowing ANYBODY to travel in the country regardless of anything and just live here. We must defend our borders and have safe immigration for all of us. As a citizen of the United States and an immigrant, I find it incredibly rewarding that the definition of being an American has nothing to do with religion, race, gender identity, sexuality, or creed. Instead, we Americans are bound by the principals that hold us together. Those principals are the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution. Nobody in America, perhaps with the exception of the Deep State, Hillary Clinton, and Saudi Arabia want Sharia Law in here. We cannot have wide open borders. You must assimilate to become an American. Resistance is futile. We respect our women. We respect each other’s rights to practice their own religions within their own homes (so long as they do not infringe on the rights of others). We respect the freedom of speech (with the obvious exceptions of Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and 4chan). We respect the freedom of the press (despite what the new CIA director has concluded with Wikileaks). We respect the rights for people to marry who they want to marry. We respect a woman’s right to choose (yes, it’s not up to the Government to tell you what to do with your own bodies — MEN). We do not chop people’s heads off. Not in private. Not in public. We do not murder journalists or citizens who disagree with us. We do not accept pedophilia as a way of life. We do not accept human trafficking. We reject those things. Without an assimilation of common ideas and philosophies we’ll create a society next to kin of chaos. Sharia Law is not compatible with the United States and never will be. A true American is a person who stands up for liberty and justice for all regardless of who or what they look like so long as they share common philosophies. In 2016 when I started to see how the Democratic Primary was being illegally rigged against Bernie Sanders by the Deep State and the Clinton Campaign, I decided to take action. I started a YouTube channel and began researching articles relating to the Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton, and the cabal that follows her around. My research was extensive and I shared that process with my viewers and together our general awareness and co-creative consciousness became aware of the systemic threat that is Hillary Clinton. This went far beyond “politics” and “just another election.” This was different. In my opinion, Hillary Clinton is a criminal who should NEVER be President of anything. I started noticing in May/June how censored my channel was getting. Some of my videos would be flagged as being insensitive to advertisers (because I connected large Fortune 500 companies who advertised on YouTube as being co-conspirators with the Clinton Foundation’s racketeering epidemic). Enter Seth Rich. While Guccifer 2.0 claims that Seth Rich was the individual who provided Wikileaks with the DNC emails, the authenticity of Guccifer 2.0 is still being questioned in the first place as potentially being a PsyOp (psychological warfare operation) by the Clinton Campaign in order to “muddy the waters” on what Wikileaks was about to publish. It was curious to me however how Julian Assange pointed out explicitly that he was interested in what happened to Seth Rich. The media anchor blew it off at first until Julian Assange pressed further. Assange explained that whistleblowers put themselves in such grave danger to deliver to the public critical information that is relevant and necessary for them to make an informed decision. Whenever anyone who is involved in an enterprise which Wikileaks publishes very damaging information on (which resulted in Debbie Wasserman Schultz to resign in disgrace), it’s a genuine cause for concern among the Public Intelligence Community to determine why a young man was shot in the back and a complete cover-up of his murder was masked by a robbery. Interesting how the Deep State was able to change the definition of a robbery. Typically when you rob somebody you don’t leave their watch, phone, wallet, and keys in their pockets. One would think a robber would take those. Don’t believe that robbers murder people and don’t steal things from you? You must be a conspiracy theorist. Seth Rich did not die in vain. He did a great service to the United States and I sincerely hope that the identity of his murderer is found soon. Hopefully the excellent independent work of George Webb at TruthLeaks (@GeorgWebb) connects some of the dots to Seth Rich and justice can finally be served once and for all. To me it is far more important that the general population join the Public Intelligence Community. Wikileaks is the leader in the Public Intelligence Community. Closely following is InfoWars and former CIA Analyst Robert David Steele (and many many many others). It’s free to join and you’ll get access to a TON of information that force you to ask very tough questions. All you have to do is ask questions and demand the right answers that hold up to basic logic, physics, and occums razors. Tough questions like “Was 9/11 an inside job?” and “Who really killed John F Kennedy?” etc. These kinds of questions have the truth in plain sight. It’s all out there. The Government and the Mainstream Media refuse to acknowledge it just as they refused to talk about the seriousness of Hillary Clinton’s private email servers (where she was destroying computers with hammers and bleach bit to prevent forensic recovery of the information — thankfully Anthony Weiner, an “alleged” pedophile had a folder on his confiscated laptop called Insurance). Join the Public Intelligence Community. Take part in the investigation. Be the movement. Be the change you want to see. We must wake up against tyranny and we cannot allow a dictatorship to form in the United States under President Trump or any any President for that matter. We cannot let it happen. The Deep State will do anything to stay in power, even “allegedly” assassinate a former President of the United States to stay in control. Join the Public Intelligence Community. Remember the future. Michael Trimm
  9. Hey Mike! I really liked season 2 episode 17 about the Shadow Brokers Strikes Again! I think it's one of your BEST ever!

    Quick question: In this show, you recommend getting a VPN, can you or anyone else on this site recommend a good one? I've used VPN.HT and ipvanish but I'm not sure if those are still good anymore. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    Dory :D

  10. ALERT: JFK Murder Conspiracy SOLVED, but who cares by globalintelhub Apr 8, 2017 10:41 PM (GLOBALINTELHUB) – 4/09/2017 Support solid intelligence visit our sponsor www.splittingpennies.com While the world wonders about President Trump, 54 years ago, a US President was murdered in broad daylight in Dallas, Texas; John Fitzgerald Kennedy – the only Irish Catholic President, and possibly one of the only US Presidents that was not a Freemason. To this day, the facts surrounding this event remain clouded. The ‘official’ Warren Commission report presents fanciful theories about a “Magic Bullet” that was able to go in and out of JFK’s body multiple times, and other wild fantasies. But this official report is ‘official’ and any other explanation of the events of that day are ‘conspiracy theories.’ As time has passed, and secondary information surfaces, there are indications of the true power of the information that was kept secret for so long. The murder of JFK is perhaps one of the most significant events of the 20th century. In the past 10 years, new information has surfaced that portends to a major re-investigation into the issue. As well, a generation has passed since the event which took place 1963. This article presents two unique viewpoints, previously unpublished, as well as looking at some recently released evidence: Dr. Arthur Charloff “Art”, Special Agent FBI Oklahoma City, Oklahoma The book titled Kennedy’s Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK’s Assassination Finally, we’ll examine new evidence that has surfaced since the making of Oliver Stone’s “JFK” in 1991 We will begin with 1. – Art’s involvement in JFK was relatively en-passant. The FBI was called in because the Dallas police couldn’t be trusted to run a clean investigation. Art was running the OK office (and has admitted, his station in OK was the reason he left the FBI). Dr. Charloff is an impeccably fact-based intellectual who was a university professor and Dean of Northwood University; as well as serving as a major financial executive for corporations like Burger King Corporation and others. For those who don’t know, most FBI recruits are from financial services, especially because the FBI investigates financial crimes. When I asked Dr. Charloff point blank who killed JFK he said “We’ll never know, because they killed all the witnesses!” Art was a guy doing his job, a young man at that time, who was not part of any ‘conspiracy’ and certainly wasn’t part of a committee to whitewash something the government or a group inside the government had done. He did however, reveal things about the FBI, that may have greater meaning and implications, than his investigation of JFK. First let’s look at where he pops up in the Warren Commission, see the full file here: 105-29WarrenCommissionFileArthurCharloff and WH26_CE_2809 One page highlighted: This is, for the record, a copy of Art’s CV: arthur-charloff-ph-d-1979-s-w-palm-city-road-d-772 Art’s FBI stories range from the mundane, such as the agent partner that used to iron the crease in his boxer shorts, to the Hollywood-esque tales of how the Russian embassy brought him tea and cookies one night on a stakeout (while they were performing surveillance on them); “We see you guys sitting there watching us for many hours and thought you might be hungry or thirsty” and even came back to collect the silver tray when they were finished. Dr. Arthur Charloff was born in Maine, but grew up in Miami, Florida. He obtained his PhD from University of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade, Serbia. His genetic origins can be traced back to a town in Rovno, present day Ukraine (former USSR) – a pogrom town where all his relatives were slaughtered (those who didn’t migrate to USA.) So, Art’s father Morris and Art were both flag waving jingoists. Morris was a meat inspector who worked for the USDA. When he applied for the FBI his Russian origins were an issue and he had to go through special clearances other agents avoided, to prove that he wasn’t a Russian sleeper spy. Although not practicing, Dr. Arthur Charloff is Jewish (hence the family escaping the pogroms for the safety of America). What Art said about the FBI is that the FBI never ‘solves’ crimes, in a traditional sense. It was more of a business negotiation, relying mostly on Confidential Informants (CIs) and for example in a drug bust, getting street dealers to rat out higher ups and so on up the chain. He said that the FBI very rarely, if ever – solves crimes like you see in the films. CIs can work with the FBI for years, even on cases not involving them (for example, a drug related CI may sit in on an organized crime case). Global Intel Hub interviewed Dr. Charloff telephonic-ally on March 29th, 2017 for the purposes of research for this article, and to confirm what we had previously thought about Dr. Charloff’s accounts while working for the FBI and after. Before getting into any detail about UFOs, Dr. Charloff stated point blank that there was a “rumor” in ‘the bureau’ as they refer to FBI, at the time, that the CIA assassinated JFK. JFK had a lot of enemies, and wanted to dump the CIA “shit can the whole operation” as well, his brother Robert wanted to usurp the power of the CIA placing them under the DOJ (Department of Justice) of which he was in charge. Dr. Charloff said his brother (referring to Robert Kennedy) was a ‘tough dude’ and both the Kennedy brothers were very unhappy with the CIA, and especially after the Bay of Pigs debacle. Also, the CIA had kept JFK out of the information circle, as we shall see later, about a number of topics (at this point, we had not revealed the discoveries presented in the book about UFOs to Dr. Charloff – that was knowledge at the time). He said that JFK really didn’t even want to be President, all of these issues seemed to bother his brother more than Jack. Finally he also stated this was the common opinion of FBI agents at the time, they all looked at each other and said “Something else is going on here” – but continued to do their jobs. I asked Dr. Charloff if he noticed anything interesting during the investigation of the murder, he said ‘no’ but later admitted that his bosses (Hoover) had forced them to wrap up the investigation early and without doing their normal due diligence as they would on a high profile murder, which the FBI had experience investigating many. Dr. Charloff said the ‘higher ups’ simply wanted the investigation shut down and everyone was re-assigned to other cases quickly, out of the area. They wanted to ‘get this thing closed up as soon as possible, and have no more trouble, no more discussion, about this topic.” Bear in mind that Dr. Charloff is a straight arrow kind of guy especially being an agent for the FBI investigating the murder of a sitting President. Later asked about his opinion of what happened, he said the whole thing ‘stinks’ and the story about Oswald was ridiculous, how did Oswold get out of the military, why did he go to Russia, why did he do it all from the book depository – it just didn’t add up. Finally Oswald basically threw himself into the arms of police by allowing himself to be arrested. The Warren Commission came up with nonsensical conclusions he said, such as the “Magic Bullet” and the lone assassin theory, that Oswald did it by himself. No one took it seriously, at the time, but what could anyone do? It was obviously much bigger than one agency, even bigger than the office of the President, so whatever power lurking in the shadows – was not one to mess with! But who did it? In an ironic twist to this testimony, Dr. Charloff’s brother worked at the famous Area 51 military base in the Nevada desert – that’s the base that the military claims doesn’t exist. He said that before working there his brother had to surrender ALL of his documents, IDs, social security card, and all else. He wasn’t allowed to talk about what he did or saw there. After 6 months a new ‘shift’ comes in and they rotate people there like that. At least that was how they did it back in the day. Why this anecdotal account from someone who is not a critical witness? Because Dr. Arthur Charloff is a real person – who can attest to the events as they transpired, from another perspective, just an FBI special agent doing his job. Part 2: The Book Kennedy’s Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK’s Assassination – This is a must read, for those interested in the topic of ‘information’ and ‘informatics’ even if you’re not interested in the subject of UFOs. The point here is that documentary evidence regarding the UFO conspiracy is real and comes from the top. A group so powerful (MJ-12) they shut out the President (Eisenhower) who overcame them only by threatening to invade Area 51 with the Army. In the past 20 years, new evidence has surfaced, some of which is presented in the book. Most significantly, the book points a paper trail right to the top of the CIA and beyond. Small background on UFO phenomenon as it pertains to this story; UFOs were first discovered by the military over Los Angeles during World War 2. It was alarming because the Army believed that it was the enemy Japanese attacking, all they saw were ‘airships’ shooting down from the sky; the idea of Aliens or UFOs wasn’t common knowledge at the time. See a brief summary of the “Battle of Los Angeles”: After this ‘battle’ UFOs were on the radar of the military – literally. Military planners, practically, incorporate every kind of potential attack into their strategy planning. UFOs were not looked at scientifically by the military – simply as a potential threat, whether from Hitler or another planet they didn’t care. The second event that marked this age was the Roswell crash, still a big mystery to this day. Apparently, there were 2 crashes, one with actual biological bodies, and the press release was designed to take the focus away from the more sensitive site. According to the book, everything was taken to Area 51 for review, where the facility was placed under the security of the CIA and managed by a group formed by Truman known as MJ-12. A lot of this is not science fiction when considering Nazi scientists developed rockets that NASA still uses to this day via Project Paperclip. Remember that all of this happened around a time when USA was becoming a superpower, the CIA was just formed, along with the military industrial complex – including its corporate technology arm, still in use today (Silicon Valley). Where did the explosion of scientific developments come from such as Kevlar, the Microprocessor, fiber optics, stealth, weather modification, and other technologies come from? Many of these developments came out by the hundreds month after month by research labs like PARC: This all shortly after the Roswell incident. Looking at all this from a technology standpoint is not so sensational. The fact that the Roswell crash was in fact a UFO possibly operated by a ‘robot’ or ‘drone’ from another planet or another timeline is not so far fetched. If the reader could be transported back to the middle ages of Europe equipped with a laser pointer, iPhone 7, automatic handgun, and other wizard’s tools, certainly the people would think that the user is a “God” who practices “Magic”. The interesting twist in this book is how JFK wanted to unmask all this, use it for the good of the world (in partnership with Russia) and how the group who operates above the US Government, in this case MJ-12, ordered the hit via a secretive assassination directive: Detractors of this book will say that the author is reaching to connect the dots, and this cryptic message is not ‘clearly’ the smoking gun evidence that everyone is looking for. But is it? Have a deeper look through these documents here: 6404101-JFK-MJ12 To the less educated researcher, documents such as the letter from respected scientists Oppenheimer and Einstein regarding the UFO issue, and the letter from the anonymous CIA leaker re: James Angleton; may be of more significance, as the authenticity of these documents is more verifiable, and anecdotally more believable. Einstein for example published thousands of public essays and letters on various important topics of the day; this was a time when the power Elite relied on high IQ scientists. There is no alternative paper trail, with a more powerful suggestion – solving the JFK murder. Most of the files have been released in a searchable archive, which you can find here: https://www.archives.gov/research/jfk It is not likely that in the next 20 years another ‘smoking gun’ document will be discovered, although it’s possible (it could be in some relatives attic, next to baseball cards and grandpas pipe saved from last century). So it’s reasonable to conclude that 95% of relevant information regarding the JFK scenario is out there, somewhere – in the ether. With the speed and velocity of the internet sleuth community, if there was such a relevant document such as photo (right) – it would have been distributed and redistributed, analyzed and discussed, ad nauseum. What is the significance of this event, you ask? It’s a singularity, as they describe in physics (a point at which a function takes an infinite value, especially in space-time when matter is infinitely dense, as at the center of a black hole). From one perspective, it was simply a power grab by ‘faction 2’ from ‘faction 1’ as some describe big power politics. The Kennedy clan were outsiders, they were social climbers, they went against the power structure of the haves – case closed. But Kennedy or someone else – something more meaningful happened here. A group called the “Shadow Government” stopped Kennedy from exercising the powers granted to him by the Constitution and by the voters. It puts the entire system into question, proving basically that the United States operates by Mob Rule not so much different than a banana republic. A group of rich families and companies with deep pockets control the country through their trained surrogates. The continuation of this can be seen with political families such as Bush and Clinton who have a statistically unusual amount of deaths of associates, friends, and workers surrounding them. Some were even afraid to work for the Clinton camp due to the high number of workers who ‘suicided’, disappeared, had heart failure, or stabbed themselves in the back 10 times. Let’s thread through the irony of the power structure for the last 30 years with this interesting photo, and comparison, of a figure outside the Texas School Book Depository: The photo on right, comparing the posture of a figure standing in a suit and tie is striking. George H.W. Bush Sr. later went on to be the director of the CIA, only for 2 years, under Gerald Ford. But Bush’s impact on the establishment would be large, as he would later be Reagan’s Vice President (and rumored that was more of a ‘President’ during this time than Reagan ever was) and eventually President of the United States, and father of a future president, George W. Bush (his son). What kind of ‘organization’ is out of the public view, has the means to organize such an assassination, and the motive? All points to one organization, really the only capable organization of organizing such a project. Look at some evidence, such as this list compiled by Wikispooks, of attempted or successful assassination attempts on foreign leaders organized by the CIA since World War 2: https://wikispooks.com/wiki/US/Foreign_Assassinations_since_1945 And here’s “Alleged Assassination Plots Involving Foreign Leaders” as compiled by the US Senate in 1975: CIA_Alleged Assassination Plots Involving Foreign Leaders With such overwhelming evidence of the CIA’s involvement in foreign assassinations, if only one of these ‘plots’ is true it’s reasonable to assume they all are true because after all, the CIA is a spy agency, not an overt military operation, so most of this is done with the clandestine service. And, if the CIA really does have a ‘hit squad’ trained to topple and kill foreign dictators, then it is reasonable to assume this same operative group inside the CIA could potentially use this same group domestically. In fact, it is the only group in the world capable of assassinating a US President so successfully, including the use of insiders to change the course of the motorcade, for example. Or to use another analogy as a means of deductive logic, 95% of hackers are inside jobs – in other words, hackers very rarely breach security from the ‘outside’ – they rely on a rogue employee, security expert, or insider to provide key information such as passwords or other details needed to complete the job. This must have been the case with the murder of JFK because without those on the inside, such an epic target would not have been possible to hit. It was for this reason the ‘higher ups’ at the FBI wanted this case closed and not discussed, because there clearly were insiders working against JFK who provided key info and modifying security protocols leading to the assassination. As referenced by NY Times, the peak of outrage against the CIA for such plots was in the mid 1970s: Perhaps the details of the JFK murder, public coverage, and FBI investigation would have been different had it happened in 2010. Certainly it was a different time, before the internet, and at a time of much happiness and prosperity. Since “JFK” we’ve had “911” which is another game changer event that put the US on a different path as it was during the 90s. Perhaps every generation needs such an event to ‘remind’ them of who is in charge? (Dr. Tony Blanton from Pine Crest Prep School is ringing in my ears ‘history is a struggle between the haves and the have nots and you are the movers and the shakers who are going to change society’) What secrets are the ‘shadow government’ protecting or are they simply exercising their power to show the have nots that their ownership of the planet is above any government, any nation state, religion, or other entity? The UFO issue is concerning, particularly due to security concerns; because the information we do know is only bits and pieces from whistle-blowers and a few encounters that are not well documented. There are rumors that Eisenhower himself made a deal with the Aliens to keep them a secret in exchange for technology transfer through the military and corporate America. Maybe it was a good deal, maybe it never happened – who knows? The point is that, until real discovery and disclosure is achieved, we will be in the dark regarding important issues that can impact daily life on planet earth. Some important questions we need to ask beyond the shock value of understanding we are not alone in the universe: Who are these aliens, what do they want? What has been ‘agreed’ with them, if anything, and what current involvement do they have with US Military operations? What of the stories that some of these creatures are multi-dimensional, or from another ‘timeline’ (that they aren’t aliens from other planets but beings that live in many dimensions)? How can we address issues of exo-politics if the CIA was dethroned as the sole security to Area 51 and ultimately, controlling the diplomacy between such aliens, if any? Is there any truth to the stories they are abducting humans for purposes of experimentation, whether it be biological or genetic? What about the ‘hybrid’ projects? If there is truth to it, how to stop it? Do aliens have any current business arrangements with US corporations, US politicians, or are involved in major conflicts in any way? If so, this urgently needs to be addressed, and contracts re-evaluated. For example there are many accounts that UFOs were seen when nuclear warheads went dead (if even for a test). Are there any secret government ‘libraries’ or ‘archives’ where files about aliens are kept, if so – where are they and in what format? What’s interesting about this issue that it seems to be a wealth of information right here under our own desert. It’s like the metaphor about exploring space when we know less about our deep oceans. There again, rumors of alien bases under the deep seas. The amount of information regarding the veracity of such stories is immense, and it has gone parabolic in the last years as many who were alive and working during these times before modern security protocols and training were in place, are retired, dying, or have passed information onto children. Part 3: The New Evidence 1963 was a long time ago. New facts and evidence have surfaced, most interestingly – we are on the precipice of a major data dump by the US Government still to be determined, scheduled for ‘sometime’ in 2o17. See explanation from http://2017jfk.org : The parallel of the information secrecy both for the JFK murder and the UFO issue, and their purported interconnection, is interesting. If state secrets or a modern political organization were not at stake, why the hold up to release information about JFK? Everyone mostly already believes it was the CIA, a group we have shown capable of organizing assassinations of many foreign leaders, and recently (2016) was caught meddling in a US domestic election. The UFO issue can be the motive to cover up the JFK murder for so long, so deeply. And the less obvious, more subtle ‘can of worms’ argument, that if the US Government lied and hid the facts about JFK, of course – everything else including the 9/11 investigation would be open for re-investigation. This is another reason for waiting for so long because there’d be no one to ‘blame’ as those who orchestrated the conspiracy / cover-up would all be dead by now (or so the thinking of this strategy goes). One interesting tape was in fact found in ‘Grandpa’s Attic’ – claimed to be the most significant piece of evidence since 1963: What is significant in this piece of information, as far as data analysis is concerned, is the source. It was an unclassified transcript of a non-essential to the JFK operation (Project Environment). It only ‘suggests’ through information via what was said and not said, and as such, is not a ‘smoking gun’. But much like the UFO phenomenon, in a similar thread – it seems that it’s simply IMPOSSIBLE to keep such a high profile operation secret for so long. The analogy to the UFO issue is Dr. Steven Greer’s “Disclosure Project” available at www.disclosureproject.org; in summary: These 2 issues are interrelated on so many levels, it’s only fitting that both have strong nonclassified, civilian groups dedicated to identifying, collecting, archiving, sorting, and classification of all relevant information on the topics. They are after all, significant issues, with implications on all sciences. These 2 topics may even be more important than recent scientific discoveries. For example, as hundreds of high level government witnesses have testified in the disclosure project, one of the technologies kept under lock and key by the CIA (as reverse engineered from ET) are several energy technologies including but not limited to ‘zero point’ energy which would literally, instantly end our dependence on oil, coal, and nuclear. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as hundreds of ground breaking tech has been leaked from ET such as thorium ‘clean’ nuclear technology, Kevlar, nanotechnology, advanced long distance energy communication, the ability to manipulate space time (or at least, to pass through a ‘wrinkle’ in time), and hundreds of others. The business element of this provides a solid motive alone, without religious, social, or political implications. There would be no need for 90% of the Fortune 500, the stock market would crash and the entire economic system as we know it would be immediately restructured (who would pay for gas when free energy is available?). The public stated reason, for locking away the JFK files for 75 years, which plausibly is also the reason of keeping UFO information secret; is that the public ‘cannot handle the truth’ – that it would be ‘too much to handle’ – the first implication being some embarrasing political facts, such as the fact that the CIA with the help of insiders like LBJ were critical to the murder or completely organized it themselves. But that’s not hard to swallow, generations of hardened Americans watching real-time cameras on missiles bombing and maiming brown people (mostly) have become desensitized to such emotional dribble. But the elephant was in the room all along – this ‘shocking’ fact really is shocking, because it would change every aspect of life on our planet – quite literally (not figuratively). For example, having free energy would change manufacturing, transportation, computing – just about everything. It would change war, it would have implications into governance, we can skip religious implications and take the lead from the Catholic Church who is ahead of the information curve on this issue (for obvious reasons). So there we have it, the JFK murder has been solved. WHO – It was a sub-set of the Intelligence aparatus, MJ12/CIA under the direction of Allen Dulles operated by Jesus James Angleton, involving multiple CIA agents including but not limited to George H.W. Bush Sr. WHAT – The murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) US President, Elite leader, representative of the powerful Kennedy clan, Irish Catholic, father, patriot, and civil servant WHERE & WHEN – Dallas, Texas November 22, 1963 HOW – A fine tuned machine prepared the ultimate kill scene, which involved extensive research and planning, significant funding, resources, highly skilled and trained soldiers, and a ‘cover-up’ scenario which had to involve LBJ and others around JFK. WHY – To maintain the big Illuminati secret – that the US Government has obtained technology from other worlds, given to us directly and reverse engineered, and this transfer of tech continues to this day – and that the revelation of what happened to JFK regarding the UFO issue would start a chain of events that would finally lead to the complete disclosure of this technology, and thus – change the entire global political and economic system forever. Research Links BOOKS – Kennedy’s Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK’s Assassination An interesting leaked email from Edgar Mitchell to John Podesta The New Starting Point – Another look at JFK with new research Mark the Date – List of classified documents to be released regarding JFK 7 Key Facts we’ll learn with release of JFK files Was JFK shot for his interest in UFOs? Short list of investigative groups, information sources, and other JFK related material sources: http://jfkfacts.org http://aarclibrary.org http://maryferrell.org http://jfklancer.com Kennedy's Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK's Assassination https://alexa.design/2o1uBOq ZeroHedge JFK Murder Conspiracy Solved.pdf CIA_Killings-94465.pdf 6404101-JFK-MJ12.pdf burnedmemo-s1-pgs3-9.pdf WH26_CE_2809charloff2.pdf 105-29aartjfk.pdf 43101-arthur-charloff-ph-d-1979-s-w-plam-city-road-d-772.pdf ALERT_ JFK Murder Conspiracy SOLVED, but who cares _ Zero Hedge.zip
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