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    Hey Everybody, I wrote a small script to help make the internet suck a little less (removes ads, spyware, malware, etc.) from your computer by installing policy rules inside your /etc/hosts file. Typically spyware, adware, malware, viruses, etc. are used to compromise your computer and spy on you. Blocking the spy scripts at the hosts level prevents sites like Facebook and Gmail from snooping on your browsing activity through your browser. Right now it only functions on macOS or Linux, but it's right here: https://github.com/michaeltrimm/hosts-blocking Enjoy, Michael Trimm
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    Very glad to be back everybody!
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    Happy to see you alive and well, Michael. We were worried something may have happened to you and your dog. The new interactive web site will be an interesting experience... Tom
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    After the last, year long investigation concluded with made up requirement of "intent" and actually mentioned a different standard for HRC than "somebody else" - I'm not holding my breath. These newly discovered e-mails come from "unrelated case", initial reports say these are not related to the Clinton Foundation or wikileaks. Please remember that the current POTUS is probably involved in this. So even if they recommend indictment for HRC, I don't believe AG Lynch will go any further with that. I'm afraid they will try to make a big spectacle out of this to divert public's attention and eventually come up with nothing, again. I do hope I'm wrong though.
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    Hey Everybody, In an effort to protect journalists like myself and others, I have created a URL shortener that can be used by anyone. https://mts.yt/ Its simple and effective. Michael Trimm Show (YouTube). Enter the URL (or paste it in) and hit the red button. A shortened URL is generated in the address bar and printed out inside a text box. Share that shortened URL and the user is automatically brought to the referral link. I personally built it. It's less than 100 lines of code and is extremely slim. I am not interested in statistics, tracking, etc. All I wanted was a URL shortener that wasn't tied to spying. So I made one. I have built in a few specialty links, but most URLs will be shortened like: https://mts.yt/i/pdPCoJ -> https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/6226 The specialty links https://mts.yt/join -> http://michaeltrimmshow.com/join https://mts.yt/live -> http://youtube.com/c/MichaelTrimmShow/live https://mts.yt/twitter -> http://twitter.com/realMikeTrimm Enjoy, Michael
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    Hello, I will probably be one of the older progressives here. Just celebrated my 60th birthday. I find the topics to be very informative. I wish that I had this forum available to me many years ago. Thank you, Michael for opening the eyes and ears of so many at this time. CKW
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    Hello, my name is Hillary and I could not be more excited to be here to oversee everything Michael says and does. Don't forget our agreement, Michael. Big brother is watching you. Just kidding, My name is Daniel and I am currently looking for friends with bomb shelters.
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    The boards of 4chan, 8ch, etc are hard to discern fact from fiction. Typically whenever I see something noteworthy on those boards I reach out to my sources and see if I can get a confirmation, even if its a 2nd hand confirmation before reporting on it. The only legit 4chan "FBI" posting was from July, the others were spoofs. It actually wasn't even the FBI, it was the NSA. That I know now to be fact. Is Wikileaks in full charge of their infrastructure? Possibly, possibly not. That being said, as long as everything sensitive is encrypted with their PGP keys, they are safe - doesn't matter if they have full control over their infra does it? One important thing to understand about encryption: 1) Never save your decrypt password in a keychain or password manager. 2) Never rely on HTTPS for encryption between browser -> server; always use OpenPGPjs to encrypt contents on the browser using PGP and the public key BEFORE transmitting over HTTPS to the server. That's essential. 3) Rotate keys and take advantage of subkeys and temporary keys. 4) It doesn't hurt to encrypt a sensitive PGP message with multiple keys ie encrypt the encrypted text but with a second PGP key. 5) Programmatic auto destruction. Long story short, they may have lost control over their infra, but everything between them is still safe because the technology is pretty solid behind their efforts. The biggest vulnerability anybody faces is human error. With many checks and balances in place, you can mitigate or even eliminate human error from exposing what you're trying to do.
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    I am a retired programmer/analyst who has observed American political dynamics for more than 50 years. This morning, the very thoughtful Michael Trimm appropriately identified Republican presidential contender, Donald Trump as "the populist candidate." He also identified his running mate Governor Mike Pence as "establishment", but I feel inappropriately did not elaborate because this relates to one of many reasons why it might be better to embrace and support "candidates of conscience" than those who foment "populist' followings It is great to be united, but with whom? What are the costs for supporting some populist coalitions? Will Donald Trump and Mike Pence advance education so that the broad sweep of their supporters have a better understanding of their social and economic circumstances? Will their policy pursuits uphold an American tradition of innovation in technological development and the critical thinking skills necessary to evaluate the reality of our lives any better than do wealthy elitists who corruptly guard their own powerful interests? Will their 4 years of many appointments to our judiciary, posts that will be filled for generations, be best suited to the "populist" interests of their supporters? Yes, they could win, but do we want to lend our support to what could be a wave of hostility toward civil rights and more tax breaks for all but the most overtly criminal among the wealthy? I will consider these questions by more closely scrutinizing the role of "establishment" Gov. Mike Pence in a "populist" movement in another post.
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    Well said Tom, completely relieved & grateful to know Michael & his dog are safe & sound.
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    Hi Mickey - I live in Redding and manage a 'Transitional Housing" place for folks in recovery from everything from addiction to surgery and mental health issues. I am 63, but will be your 'ally' in any way I may be of assistance.
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    I am definitely also new to this forum. It's a pretty powerful program, so I hope it works out well for what this show needs! I am also always open to suggestions!
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    Hey Everybody, I posted a reply in the Members-Only forum. Here's the status update with where I've been lately - sorry for the discontinuity here. 1. Camcorder I was using shit the bed in mid December, I was going to try and use the webcam on my laptop but holly crap did the video quality suck. I asked Santa for one for Christmas, and well, you know how that went... 2. Between November and December I have been traveling quite a bit and most weeknights I've actually been away for work. 3. I've been looking for a new job, finally have one now, so the long traveling days will stop next week. The job search actually was close to a full time job with almost 20-30 calls scheduled each week. In the evenings I was working on coding assignments to "prove that I know what the heck I'm doing" - all of them can be found on my github page if you're interested -> github.com/michaeltrimm I had to build full applications in ruby on rails, python, php symfony, and swift - it's been interesting 4. I got a grade 2 sprain on my ankle which has put me in a boot with very limited mobility. I was out of town when it happened. 5. New camcorder is supposed to arrive on Tuesday/Wednesday. 6. This election season was draining and to be quite honest, in my opinion, what happens between election and inauguration is so indecisive that its hard to get anything substantive. Additionally, giving everybody a month or so break is well needed. Politics is exhausting isn't it? In general, I still keep in close contact with my sources and have been relaying messages back and forth with them about certain topics that will come up in January's episodes. A few of my sources have close ties with some of the new cabinet which should make for an interesting analysis in Trump's first 90 days. As for Bernie 2020 - that's a real thing. He's running in 2020 according to one source I have in the Vermont state House of Representatives. One important note to add here about the primaries vs the general vs Trump Presidency is the platform Bernie pushed for is the most progressive platform the democrats have ever had. Bernie knew he would not win and so he traded the platform for his "endorsement" even though he knew his endorsement wouldn't do shit for Clinton. That platform that he's created will essentially guarantee his presidency in 2020 so long the DNC doesn't try to screw him over with the fraud Elizabeth Warren. Though, she may be voted out of office soon in MA because Curt Schilling of the Red Sox's is running as an incumbent republican and my sources in MA tell me he is positioned very strongly to defeat her based on how she acted towards Bernie. Boston will be tricky for her though, which is why I think she will end up losing. That's my update... what's yours? Did you have a good new year? Good Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Saturnalia?
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    Legislation authorizing research and establishment of a no fly zone and safe zones IN Syria, not Turkey passed the House on 11/15/2016. The Senate has not taken it up yet with the break. The media isn't covering it. The Senate is back in Session Tuesday, but there is no legislative business on the calendar for that day. Time to make phone calls. Here is the Bill and the section in question is 303. https://www.congress.gov/crec/2016/11/15/CREC-2016-11-15-pt1-PgH6192-3.pdf
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    I've been scouting the Internet for his videos, but can't find anything new. I've wondered myself. I hope nothing has happened to him. His videos on youtube haven't been taken down. What gives?
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    Where has Michael Trimm been. No videos since around Nov.9
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    Hi Michael and your members. My name's Jane and I'm watching this election with a morbid fascination from New Zealand. I've never been interested in US politics until Bernie emerged last year, and now I'm completely engaged and enlightened ! Michael you do a wonderful job with your analysis, delivering it in such a logical manner. Thank you for all your hard work - much appreciated !
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    We've got a statement from the House Judiciary Committee, they sound full of hope, hehe: https://judiciary.house.gov/press-release/goodlatte-statement-fbis-decision-reopen-clinton-investigation/ NYT, FOX and others are reporting that new emails come from Anthony Weiner's case - so will most likely involve Huma Abedin. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/29/us/politics/fbi-hillary-clinton-email.html?smid=tw-nytimes&smtyp=cur&_r=0
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    I think it doesn't matter.
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    Hello Everybody! Welcome to the brand new (literally brand new) forum for the Michael Trimm Show. The show will officially be returning on YouTube on Thursday, October 13th, 2016 at 7PM-8PM! Thanks, and please introduce yourself in this forum. Cheers, Michael Trimm
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    Hi Michael, I am thrilled to realize you are alive and kicking. I have been watching your videos on Youtube. Then when I found you on twitter I have been interacting somewhat @dumb13luck. I have been drumming up votes for Jill Stein and I went to meet her in Santa Barbara Rally on Sat the 9th. I gave her my resume' and said Hi. She only stayed at the Rally 45 minutes and then she was off to catch a plane so my speaking to her was very brief. I basically wanted to tell her my services were at her disposal. I am a retired teacher, biologist who lives off the grid with my husband. I do Transcendental Meditation which is an invaluable tool to relieve stress and reboot the old head/computer.It is the only type of meditation to be endorsed by the Mayo clinic and the Heart Association. I would like to see everyone doing it so we could all make progress in all areas necessary to accelerate us (mankind) into the age of enlightenment as opposed to extinction. It is very effective to alleviate anger and expand creativity. I am on the board of our local Volunteer Fire Co. We are trying to get going again after the State of California stopped supporting Volunteer Fire People about 6 years ago. Another very important issue that I am working on is No Vote on Prop 64 in CA. It is called legalization of marijuana but its real name is CONTROL REGULATE TAX ADULT USE MARIJUANA ACT. It is a big money grab for complete control of marijuana and hemp. They say it is a model for what they want to do in every state in USA. It is part of a World grab for control. Soros is involved and Monsanto. I am working with Letitia Pepper an attorney who has annotated the 64 page proposed law that is coming up on the November ballet. She says it will completely destroy prop 215, the compassionate use act. The tax money will go into one big slush fund for next Governor of of CA, Newsom is hoping to be that person. They have bought every ones endorsement including the NAACP and the American Medical Association. Against all odds we are trying to get the word out to vote No. Marijuana is possibly the most healing herb on the planet. So this is a really big deal. I was hoping you could help us get the word out on this issue. I am very interested in solar power, wind power, living off the grid. With cooperation and true knowledge anything is possible. Anyway, I was hoping that you and your new site could be a beginning to some really great things. What are your hopes for this site?
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    Now that ^ is pretty funny!
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    Please share my gratitude of @Antinomy for making the channel's new logo! I just got around to updating the logo on the website. Thank you Antinomy! To extend my thanks I have upgraded Antinomy to a Contributor status with complimentary access to add exclusive Member Submitted video content to the brand new channel added: https://michaeltrimmshow.com/videos/category/6-censorship-free-member-contributions/ Enjoy! Please feel free to add feedback on the new logo. If others wish to contribute to the show, please do not hesitate.
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    On Dec. 25, Michael answered one of my tweets inquiring about his safety. He said he is OK and has been doing a lot of traveling. Also. said he just broke his ankle.
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    Yeah, I'm curious why there's been no activity.
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    This could set off WW3 before Trump takes office. And all under the radar of most people!
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    Which makes me wonder if they'll cover up for her again or actually hold people accountable lest the FBI's reputation falls any further.
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    I think some of you may find this interesting: https://www.startpage.com/blog/our-latest-developments/edward-snowden-streaming-live-at-startpage-com-on-november-10/
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    That's one problem when all you have is chat or a forum. You don't see people's expressions, body language, gestures or hear fluctuations or emotions in their voice. From just the words on the screen I got the impression you were getting defensive or associating things with me that I'm not part of or like. Sorry, I was wrong. Not knowing each others back grounds or what each other knows there is bound to be some mis communications. I'm here to try and help Mike in getting people to look past their differences, ignore the BS of political parties in order to unify and come together on commonalities. It's the only thing that will save this nation. Sorry if I seemed authoritarian, I'm not. It was just a suggestion, "should" means you can if you want no biggy if you don't. I just may come across to some that way from my military background. I actually like chatting with you. You have a good head on your shoulders. You mentioned you had 3 "no go there's. I have no doubts when we talk again in the future you are more then happy to straighten me out. My wife says I suffer from debilitating density issues, She is right but I'm too prideful to let her know. I seen Mike's recent posting on Youtube and it looks like he has woken up and realized the situation we are in with regards to war and ISIS in our borders if Hillary gets into the white house. I don't know if he is aware of other stuff I know will happen or develop, but Nuclear war and ISIS with in our borders is not the only things we have to worry about if Hillary gets into the White House. I'll message Mike and hope he catches my message when he isn't busy.
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    POTUS, FLOTUS and more have unfollowed HRC on Twitter. Could this be the bell tolling before shit hits the fan?
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    Wouldn't surprise me if you are right. To me, the FBI has lost a great chunk of credibility since James Comey's results last July.
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    I wonder why he kept it so private? Was this what killed him? Did anybody else know?
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    I think with Hillary sending 1.8 million dollars to Qatar and an important guest visiting in November I think the video will be released on November the 1st and Hillary and bill with Huma and close aids will flee to Qatar. I have faith that there are some patriots willing to act once the video is released but only after it is released for instance look at the Saudi prince visiting the Whitehouse this week gone he didn't walk into the Whitehouse or strolled he ran. Saudi Arabia is going to be exposed especially now that 9/11 victims can sue the Saudi government I think a shit storm is heading our way no matter what and a lot of the high ups know portions of it but arnt saying shit till it happens. Bernie knows some aspects trump knows some aspects.
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    SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT The Michael Trimm Show, Episode 2, will air on Monday October 17th, 2016 at 12PM-1PM for an exclusive analysis into what Hillary Clinton's "FALSE FLAG" terror attack to the United States is going to be (similar to 9/11). The evidence of the attack is overwhelming. Michael Trimm is going to break things down, connect the dots, and analyze the information piece by piece for you. Stay tuned and make sure to check out the show!
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    Yes, uTorrent has been compromised. I use Transmission with a custom blocklist: http://john.bitsurge.net/public/biglist.p2p.gz Additionally, torrenting is not illegal. It's illegal to download illegal files, but torrent itself is not illegal. It's actually a superior way to share massive files, like encrypted archives, disk images, operating systems, etc. Having a safe setup is important. I also recommend that you use a VPN service. In my opinion, NordVPN is one of the better service providers out there since they are based in Panama and aren't a part of the 15-9-5 eyes NSA spy programs. They claim they don't log traffic or bandwidth (but who knows). Another technology out there that I actually haven't messed with yet is i2p which is an attempt at a second internet. It's fascinating stuff. Just don't do anything illegal and you'll be good. These tools are for simply protecting your constitutional rights to privacy.
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    this thread should be titled 'vote principles' instead. Do some research on Jill, follow her activism, follow her message and I'm sure you'll see that writing in Bernie is pointless and unnecessary whereas voting independent (3rd party) strengthens the chances of future change.
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    Are we able to download the torrent if i were to hop on Utorrent or BitTorrent?? Just plug in the pre-commitment code and follow the file? Also i am not familiar with how to enter the Hash or key code for files. I actually have yet to do that.
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    Sanders' biggest flaw is that he endorsed Clinton. All the criticisms of Stein amount to a hill of beans beside that.
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    Hello, I forgot to introduce myself. I'll post it here if you don't mind Aron, as I'm from across the pond aswell. I'm a basement dweller and a graphic designer, 26 yo. I was deeply influenced by people like Noam Chomsky, John Pilger, Christopher Hitchens, Neil Postman, the philosophy of existentialism and postmodernism. I am a huge fan of documentary films - Aron kudos to your country for producing the VPRO Backlight series in English. Love it. I have supported Ron Paul's campaign in 2012 and was very hopeful about Bernie this year, got me even deeper into the politics of US Empire and thanks to him I discovered a fresh wave of progressive thinkers, To your list of great progressive podcasts I'd like to add: - The New Progressive Voice (Joshua) - lives up to his name, very pragmatic dude, 100% Jill activist - Let the Madness Begin (Mike and Will) - two guys from NC I think, light, very entertaining progressive commentary As for TYT I stopped watching the main channel about a year ago. The more it grew the less I liked it. Currently I regard it as MSM for Millenials. However, the TYT Politics channel (Jordan and Emma) is a completely different story. Great coverage throughout the Election. Cheers, M
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    I am so glad to see that you are back!! I look forward to your future shows, you are a true patriot!!
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    It's quite convincing. I was getting pretty anxious watching it because it sounds JUST LIKE SHILLBOTS THAT I TALK TO! So tiring! Nice video though.
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    I am SO pleased to see You establish a platform of this nature - Congrats! Twitter, You Tube, etc.... Can't handle the truth. I had faith that you would do this and I really love the accuracy and sincerity of your work. Much love & respect. Wayne Cooper
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    Well, I'm jumping in to say that I agree with everyone who commented and want to add my thanks for this new forum. I'm probably the oldster here with my 67th birthday coming up on Saturday. Looking forward to more information dumps and your excellent analysis. Thanks again and welcome back, Michael!
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    So glad you are back! Normally just a silent observer for your excellent presentations. Your site is already looking promising. Please keep in mind that while others may offer suggestions, it is your presentation. Pressure to shorten your videos instead of allowing your creation to flow might cheat the world of your deep thoughts. I would consider that tragic. Thank you for shining your light on the world.
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    I am 62. Nice to meet you ckw.
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    Very glad that you are back, Michael!