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Michael's 2018 Recommendations


  1. Despicable   (480 visits to this link)

    Despicable-1.thumb.png.dd67ee90c316d1d74f9317bd5d6b5675.pngby Milo Yiannopoulos

    How did it become more dangerous in Hollywood to be a Republican than a child molester? Harnessing an exclusive network of high-profile sources, America’s most dangerous and provocative commentator takes readers on a journey into the sordid, sexually-abusive, hypocritical world of Hollywood. DESPICABLE paints a horrific picture of men, women and children abused and intimidated by the richest and most powerful people in America. Award-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author MILO tells readers what he saw while living in Beverly Hills in the 2000s and shares the untold stories of actors, musicians and other friends in his address book who will, in DESPICABLE, finally name their abusers. 

    DESPICABLE maps out the links — financial and otherwise — between Hollywood power players and the Democrat Party. Conservatives in Hollywood lay bare the difficulty in getting their projects off the ground — and the ostracism they suffer for their political and religious beliefs. DESPICABLE explains how an industry that once inspired the world became a cesspool of moral decrepitude, lecturing the rest of us on how to live while turning a blind eye to appalling abuses on its own doorstep. Most revealingly of all, in this new book, MILO shows how the movie business’s recent box-office disasters stem from the same cancerous center as its constant finger-wagging: a collapse of moral foundations. 

    Hollywood, like American liberalism in general, has become nihilistic, writes MILO. Whether it can survive will depend on this ossified, narcissistic and ideologically homogenous industry’s ability to accept the only diversity that matters: diversity of opinion and belief.

  2. Are We Alone?: Philosophical Implications Of The Discovery Of Extraterrestrial Life   (507 visits to this link)

    5a3c25e92495b_514sD9NdsVL._SX310_BO1204203200_.jpg.0041601b575e28dbef754c78fce98b2c.jpgby Paul Davles

    Scientists and governments are actively searching for signs of life in the universe. Will their efforts meet with success? Award-winning author Paul Davies, an eminent scientist who writes with the flair of a science fiction writer, explores the ramifications that the discovery of extraterrestrial life would have for our science, our religions, and our worldview in general.

  3. The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner   (508 visits to this link)

    5a3c266adf7e4_41zhRYUMyYL._SX327_BO1204203200_.jpg.b25b65430608cfdb14c6037a89f46c1e.jpgby Daniel Ellsberg

    From the legendary whistle-blower who revealed the Pentagon Papers, an eyewitness exposé of the dangers of America's Top Secret, seventy-year-long nuclear policy that continues to this day.

    Here, for the first time, former high-level defense analyst Daniel Ellsberg reveals his shocking firsthand account of America's nuclear program in the 1960s. From the remotest air bases in the Pacific Command, where he discovered that the authority to initiate use of nuclear weapons was widely delegated, to the secret plans for general nuclear war under Eisenhower, which, if executed, would cause the near-extinction of humanity, Ellsberg shows that the legacy of this most dangerous arms buildup in the history of civilization--and its proposed renewal under the Trump administration--threatens our very survival. No other insider with high-level access has written so candidly of the nuclear strategy of the late Eisenhower and early Kennedy years, and nothing has fundamentally changed since that era.

    Framed as a memoir--a chronicle of madness in which Ellsberg acknowledges participating--this gripping exposé reads like a thriller and offers feasible steps we can take to dismantle the existing "doomsday machine" and avoid nuclear catastrophe, returning Ellsberg to his role as whistle-blower. The Doomsday Machine is thus a real-life Dr. Strangelove story and an ultimately hopeful--and powerfully important--book about not just our country, but the future of the world.

  4. Dangerous   (591 visits to this link)

    dangerous.jpg.450a2c8aec45d487c55291994a6dfe04.jpgby Milo Yiannopoulos

    The liberal media machine did everything they could to keep this book out of your hands. Now, finally, Dangerous, the most controversial book of the decade, is tearing down safe spaces everywhere.

  5. Thoth: The History of the Ancient Egyptian God of Wisdom   (579 visits to this link)

    5a3c27eb48cbb_51MBqBxWKiL._SX346_BO1204203200_.jpg.a666fd3e149b338f0243b0fb061b590a.jpgby Lesley Jackson


    "Hail to you, O Thoth, in whom is the peace of the gods." The Ancient Egyptian Coffin Texts, Spell 9 In Thoth: The History of the Ancient Egyptian God of Wisdom, the author and researcher Lesley Jackson presents a comprehensive and wide-ranging study of this unique god spanning six millennia. Drawing on the latest archaeological and textual research, from magical papyri and stelae to statues and wall carvings, the author explores Thoth's diverse functions including as god of writing, magic and wisdom, creator god, judge, healer, psychopomp, reckoner of time and lunar god. Developing from pre-dynastic origins, the worship of Thoth is discussed through the different Egyptian social classes from peasant to Pharaoh, and placed in the context of ancient Egyptian rituals and festivals; as is the later syncretisation of Thoth with the Greco-Egyptian figure of Hermes Trismegistus. In so doing the author demonstrates the pivotal role that the ibis-headed god fulfilled in many of the Egyptian myths and his functions within the three main Egyptian theologies - i.e. Heliopolitan, Hermopolitan and Memphite. The names, animals and symbols of Thoth, lord of ritual and of words, are all considered to further reveal his complex nature, which is also viewed through the web of connections between Thoth and the numerous other Egyptian gods. Particular attention is given to his consorts, the goddesses Maat, Seshat and Nehmataway, and the implications of their relationships. This extensive and detailed work is supplemented with ancient hymns to Thoth and a survey of temples associated with him. Long overdue, Thoth: The History of the Ancient Egyptian God of Wisdom is an unmissable work on this most enduring of gods. "Come that I may instruct you concerning...the writing which Thoth gave to the hand of his disciple." The Ancient Egyptian Book of Thoth


  6. How Consciousness Became the Universe: Quantum Physics, Cosmology, Neuroscience, Parallel Universes   (505 visits to this link)

    5a3c2895d77e6_61PTdlL2WzL._SX348_BO1204203200_.jpg.1b085044a595aea46ce7b3635172b759.jpgby Deepak Chopra,‎ Sir Roger Penrose,‎ Brandon Carter

    Contents I: How Consciousness Became the Universe 1. How Consciousness Becomes the Physical Universe 2. Perceived Reality, Quantum Mechanics, and Consciousness 3. Quantum Reality and Mind 4. Space, Time and Consciousness 5. Does the Universe have Cosmological Memory? Does This Imply Cosmic Consciousness? 6. Cosmological Foundations of Consciousness 7. What Consciousness Does: A Quantum Cosmology of Mind 8. Detecting Mass Consciousness: Effects of Globally Shared Attention and Emotion II: Neuroscience, Cosmology and the Evolution of Consciousness of the Universe 9. Paleolithic Cosmic Consciousness of the Cosmos 10. The Brain and Consciousness: Dynamics and Evolution 11.Quantum Physics the Multiplicity of Mind: Split-Brains, Fragmented Minds, Dissociation, Quantum Consciousness 12. Many Mansions: Special Relativity, Higher-Dimensional Space, Neuroscience, Consciousness and Time 13. Brain, Consciousness, and Free Will 14. Consciousness in the Universe: Neuroscience, Quantum Space-Time Geometry and Orch OR Theory III. Consciousness, Quantum Physics, Relativity, Precognition, Retrocausation, Multiple Dimensions, Entanglement, Time 15. The Theory of MindTime 16. Consciousness of Continuity in Time 17. The Time Machine of Consciousness. Past Present Future Exist Simultaneously. Entanglement, Tachyons, Relative Time, Circle of Time, Quantum Time, Dream Time, PreCognition, Retrocausation, Deja Vu, and Premonitions 18. The Observer's Now, Past and Future in Physics from a Psycho-Biological Perspective 19. Synchronicity, Entanglement, Quantum Information and the Psyche 20. Consciousness, the Paranormal and Higher Dimensions IV. Uncertainty Principle, Parallel Universes, Wave Functions, Entanglement, Violations of Causality, and Paradoxes of Time Travel 21. Multiverse Scenarios in Cosmology: Classification, Cause, Challenge, Controversy, and Criticism 22. Classical Anthropic Everett Model: Indeterminacy in a Preordained Multiverse 23. Cosmology, The Uncertainty Principle, Wave Function, Probability, Entanglement, and Multiple Worlds 24. Logic of Quantum Mechanics, Parallel Worlds and Phenomenon of Consciousness V: THE AFFECT OF CONSCIOUSNESS OBSERVING THE UNIVERSE 25. Consciousness and Quantum Physics: A Deconstruction of the Topic 26. Consciousness and Quantum Measurement 27. A Quantum Physical Effect of Consciousness 28. The Conscious Observer in the Quantum Experiment 29. Does Quantum Mechanics Require A Conscious Observer? 30. Quantum Physics, Advanced Waves and Consciousness 31. How Consciousness Became the Universe

  7. Elements of the Mathematical Theory of Fluid Motion: Wave and Vortex Motion   (479 visits to this link)

    5a3c28f16c3d5_515ck3UZoL._SX331_BO1204203200_.jpg.9d73d4fab3237ffa379fe86e8904b786.jpgby  Thomas Craig

    Excerpt from Elements of the Mathematical Theory of Fluid Motion: Wave and Vortex Motion

    Of late years, much has appeared in different places upon the subject of Hydrodynamics, but, so far as I am aware, there is no general work either in the English, French or German lan guages. The aim of this paper and the treatise which will follow will be to combine in one work, all of importance that has been written upon the subject, and so enable the student to forego the immense amount of research necessary in order thoroughly to inform himself upon any one branch. Of the subject.

    About the Publisher

    Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at www.forgottenbooks.com

    This book is a reproduction of an important historical work. Forgotten Books uses state-of-the-art technology to digitally reconstruct the work, preserving the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy. In rare cases, an imperfection in the original, such as a blemish or missing page, may be replicated in our edition. We do, however, repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works.

  8. Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-energy Technology on 9/11   (497 visits to this link)

    5a3c298f6bca3_51HKDkOpAxL._SX354_BO1204203200_.jpg.98ef6a78125f9fc433fc08280385b7fa.jpgby Judy Wood and Eric Larsen (Foreword)

    This book is a forensic analysis of what effectively is a crime scene. Ground Zero and the surrounding areas were photographed countless thousands of times, yet no one really assessed all of the phenomena found in these photographs. What is presented in this book is not a theory and it is not speculation. It is evidence. It is the body of empirical evidence that must be explained in order to determine what happened at Ground Zero.

    Anyone declaring who did what or how they did it before they have determined what was done is merely promoting either speculation or propaganda. The popular chant, "9/11 was an inside job," is, scientifically speaking, no different from the chant that "19 bad guys with box cutters did it." Neither one is the result of a scientific investigation supported by evidence that would be admissible in court. Neither identifies what crime was committed or how it was committed.

    The order of crime solving is to determine

    1) WHAT happened, then

    2) HOW it happened (e.g., what weapon), then

    3) WHO did it. And only then can we address

    4) WHY they did it (i.e. motive).

    Let us remember what is required to (legally) convict someone of a crime. You cannot convict someone of a crime based on belief. You cannot convict someone of a crime if you don't even know what crime to charge them with. If you accuse someone of murder using a gun, you'd better be sure the body has a bullet hole in it. Yet, before noon on 9/11/01, we were told who did it, how they did it, and why they did it (they hate us for our freedoms); before any investigation had been conducted to determine what had even been done.

    Many people have speculated as to who committed the crimes of 9/11 and/or how they did so. But without addressing what happened, speculation of this kind is nothing more than conspiracy theory. My research is not speculation. It is a forensic investigation of what happened to the WTC complex on 9/11.

  9. Bloodlines of the Illuminati   (479 visits to this link)

    bloodlinesilluminati.thumb.jpg.da51af5fb97428129d1612c568e8e693.jpgby Fritz Springmeier

    This 624-page, large format book is a literal encyclopedia of rare, unbelievable information that exposes the dynasties that make up the global elite.

    You've seen the pieces of the puzzle thorughout your time and the past, but you still lie awake at night wondering - who's in charge? With Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier, you'll get a unique and well-researched historical genealogy listing of who's-doing-what in rich detail that provides a devastating and all-encompassing expose of the people and familiers who have become the movers and shakers of the United States Government and beyond.

    Some names you will recognize instantly. Some you'll learn dangerous secrets about due to the mainstream hiding them away. From international finance to war and beyond, presidents and dictators alike hold their tongue and abandon their ground to these leaders in the Bloodline of the Illuminati encyclopedia. When the pieces all come together, you'll see why Alex Jones and your fellow Infowarriors are fighting hard against the globalist tyrannical agenda and the Illuminati and Deep State forces to preserve our rights and defend our nation.

    Who really controls world events from behind-the-scenes? Bloodlines of the Illuminati answers the questions and provides a devastating exposé of the people and families who are the movers and shakers of the entire world.  Years of extensive research and investigation have gone into this massively documented work which is rich in detail. Includes photos, illustrations, charts, and membership lists to the most elite secret societies in the world.
    Author Fritz Springmeier discloses mind-boggling facts and never before revealed truths about the top Illuminati dynasties. Discover the amazing role these bloodlines have played, and are now wielding, in human history with family names such as Astor, DuPont, Kennedy, Onassis, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, Van Duyn and Krupp. You will also learn of the secretive Chinese Li family, which operates with impunity in the U.S. and around the world. Along the way you will find out why President John F. Kennedy and actress Grace Kelly were killed, who created the United Nations, who controls the two major U.S. political parties, how the Rothschilds invented and control modern-day Israel, who secretly founded false religions such as the Jehovahs Witnesses and much, much more.

    This is the third and latest edition of this book. The author has added over forty pages of information to his previous work.