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Episode 8: Here's Why CBS 60 Minutes Fake News Report Was Wrong And Really Wrong

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Michael Trimm reacts to 60 Minute's coverage of Fake News versus Real News. Which is more compelling? Pizzagate, when referring to Comet Ping Pong, is a false flag riddled with plausible deniability however human trafficking and child sex trafficking, as covered by Dr. Phil last week and over 6 major news broadcasting agencies in 2013 is real, and not "Fake News" as they call it. The "Fake News" campaign is designed to take attention and legitimacy away from people who want a thorough and real investigation of the child sex trafficking and organ trafficking rings being operated under the control of the powerful elites. The same people who are calling Pizzagate fake news are the same people who claimed that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. Not only were they wrong, they knew they were wrong, yet the pushed the narrative further and ignored "alternative media" and facts. 


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