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Part 1 - Joseph Fraunhaufer

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Michael Trimm takes his audience on a brief history lesson where we begin in 1787 and trudge our way all the way to 1947 to focus on the 7s relevant to the history surrounding #Vault7 and the #Disclosure of alien life/technology by @wikileaks and #Cicada3301. We'll learn about Joseph Fraunhaufer, Philipp Weischelshberger, Heinrich Hertz, and Prince Maxamilian of Bavaria. Bavaria stumbled upon the greatest weapon a military force could ever learn and it kept Germany victorious until the downfall of WW2 when Operation Paperclip commenced. Episode 7 Part 1 will focus on post subatomic world discover (the birth of Astrophysics) all the way to pre-Roswell.


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