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Episode 4: Pizzagate Isn't Just A False Flag... It's Also A Trap! Schrödinger's Pizzeria?

Investigative journalists like David Seaman and George Webb have been talking about the same topic: human trafficking. Some people are focused only on Comet Ping Pong, a pizzeria in Washington DC, friendly to the political establishment including President Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton's Chief of Staff, John Podesta. This pizzeria has a lot of weird things about it, and Wikileaks released over 50,000 emails from John Podesta that contain a lot of weird language in the messages. Is this evidence of a massive pedophilia ring being operated out of Comet Ping Pong where the political elites are sexually abusing children? No. It's a false flag and Michael Trimm explains it point blank why its both real and a false flag at the same time. This shall be known as Schrödinger's Pizzeria.

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