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Transcript: #FollowTheWhiteRabbit with Federal Reserve = Deep State = Secret Space Program = Pizzagate = Q-Anon Endgame

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Michael Trimm



Here's the US Government!  
This quick video will explain how the banking elite have hid alien technology from the public for more than 70 years.
Right next to the US Governement, we have the Federal Reserve.
The Federal Reserve essentially has this lending system between itself and the US Government.
The Fed lends the US Government, let's say a trillion dollars.
Through the IRS, the US Government pays back that trillion dollars plus 6% every single year back to the Federal Reserve.
It's a feedback loop built on debt!
So the Treasury issues glorified IOUs called Bonds.
Next we have the Banks!
The banks buy the bonds from the Government for a fraction of the value they represent.
The banks then sell those glorified IOUs/bonds to the Federal Reserve and then we have the federal reserve "creating" money for the banks... ie giving free money to the banks based on an fraction of an IOU.
The banks then loan the money back to the US Government with interest.
For example, Trump's Wall will cost $10 billion dollars. 
Banks loan the Government, then the Government pays back the loan with interest, say 2% (a rate you or I can hardly ever get).
There's that feedback loop based on debt!
Don't you see?
The US Government is in debt to the banks.
The banks own the US Government.

Next we have people!
All of us...
In life we're guaranteed two things: death and taxes.

Next we have business... big business and small business.

Finally we have Law and the Judiciary System (which is completely broken in 2017).

So people take loans out from the banks and they pay back those loans with interest.
For example: $10 thousand dollar loan.
Notice how the units go down from Federal Reserve to Banks to People?
It skips million because normal people don't deserve millions.
People pay back their loan plus, lets say, 29% interest. Hello Capital One!
This debt feedback loop makes the people owned by the banks.
The US Government is owned by the banks.
The people are owned by the banks.
Business its very similar.
Banks like businesses.
Banks let businesses take loans out for billions of dollars.
So a business takes a loan out for one billion dollars.
Their interest rates are pretty much zero percent, so the banks need to take from them somehow.
Power. Influence. Bank Control.
Lets make power a large red dot.
Businesses give banks power.
Businesses empower the banks.

As we all know, 
Businesses sell products and services to the People!
Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS)
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)
The people almost never pay the COGS price.
Lets take the Apple Watch. Its COGS price is probably $25 but it retails for $200 (700% profit).
At every point, the banks are making money.
The closer to the people you get, the higher the profit margins are and the lower the units become.
People's high interest rate products are credit cards, student loan debt, mortgage debt, etc..

Now let me explain how the Deep State looks in this infograph.
The Deep State uses many means to "pay" for things including human trafficking, weapons trafficking, drug trafficking, and more... plus actual money, but off the books.
The Federal Reserve essentially is "on the hook" for the Deep State's spending of nearly $10 trillion dollars in undisclosed transactions inside the Department of Defense.
The Deep State has means of earning money from the US Government where the US Government pays the Deep State.
The Deep State gives back to the US Government... power, which includes mass surveillance and in exchange, the US Government permits lawless behavior among the Deep State that include pizzagate, illegal spy program, and world wars. 
The Deep State gives politicians power in exchange for blackmail, mass surveillance, and illegal wars.

We know from Q-Anon that the people who control the Federal Reserve are the same people who control the Deep State, so the Federal Reserve is the Deep State.

Next lets look at the relationship the Federal Reserve and Deep State have with other countries...

The US Government, officially, exchanges money with other countries by means of its status as the World Reserve Currency.

However, our money is worthless because its based on glorified IOUs that are impossible to pay back.

So the US Government needs to soften the blow to other countries by trading weapons, drugs, children, and threat of war. 
By other countries accepting, it gives the worthless glorified IOU currency, the US Dollar, tangible value through international commerce.

So the US Government gives other countries leaders power (through human trafficking, weapons smuggling, drug trafficking, and organ harvesting) and protection in exchange that they play along with the power players domestically in the US.

Ready for Aliens?

So Aliens come to Earth from outter space by means of Stargates and antigravitic space ships.

Nearly overnight, you have a brand new commodity that the Deep State can trade in...

That is Zero Point Energy.

Lets get back to the false reality that we live in for a second.

The US Dollar is a petro dollar, therefore its based on oil.

Oil backed currency is how we pay for everything.

Oil is the blood of the Earth.

So back to Aliens...

They get to Earth and their spacecraft have these Zero Point Energy propulsion systems unlike anything we've ever seen before!

So the Deep State starts interacting with these Aliens, covertly through highly secret military bases in undisclosed locations hundreds of feet underground. Far away from prying eyes.

Then the Deep State kill the aliens who oppose their secrecy.

Zero Point Energy exists.
The Department of Defense officially admitted to a Secret UFO program.
President Trump told the world on his inaugration that we were going to unlock the mysteries of space.
Unlock. Not discover. Unlock implies we already have them.
Again today he reminded us that we must get past all of the bad stuff first before we can live in the future.
That future is using Zero Point Energy instead of oil.

This all started in the 40s and was covered up behind the National Security Act of 1947 with the creation of the Air Force, CIA, NSA, and more. 

Back in the 40s, covering this up was easy. The internet didn't exist. The mainstream media was completely controllable through Project Mockingbird, and anybody who threatened the safety of the secret ended up dead by assasination.

So lets get back to the Federal Reserve. Who owns it?

Nobody officially knows. It's a private corporation who isn't legally required to disclose the recipients of that 6% every year.

Bill Gates?
Is Soros in that Group?
How about the Rothschilds?
What about the Rockefellers?
What about the Bushes?
What about the Clintons?
Does Saudi Arabia have any ownership in the Federal Reserve?
What about Alwaleed bin Talal?
Don't forget about Israel?

Who know? We the taxpayer certainly can't know. The Government isn't allowed to ask for it.

So what we have is a powerful group of elites, not bound by borders or nations, controlling everything behind the scenes.

AKA the illuminati

Which force the US Government into a deadly relationship of currency matched two to one with debt.

It is impossible to pay back a 2:1 debt to currency ratio. It is impossible.

This is by design.

The Federal Reserve holds onto its power by using the Deep State for terrorist attacks, market crashes, national tradegies (titanic, kennedy), war, and suppressing alien technology that could actually deal with climate change and save planet Earth from annihilation. 

The Deep State/Federal Reserve gives politicians power and influence through rigged elections, access, and resources at the expense of being blackmailed with pedophilia to keep the secrets safe.

The day will come when we abandon oil forever and embrace Zero Point Energy.

Since Zero Point Energy is literally everywhere, it can no longer be centralized, controlled, and taxed. Therefore the entire petro dollar oil based monetary system will collapse.

With unlimited energy, you don't need debt anymore. There is no limited supply of energy, therefore supply and demand are irrelevant when we can use 3-D printers connected to Zero Point Energy to just print what we need. Remember, e=mc^2... mass (aka objects) are energy divided by the speed of light squared mathematically and can therefore be created on demand.

Energy can create matter.

Unlimited energy can create unlimited matter.

This removes the centralized power that businesses have over people.

This removes the centralized power between the politicians the leaders of other countries.

With Zero Point Energy public, the Deep State has no real power over the people... therefore,

Pizzagate will be destroyed.
Mass surveillance will cease to exist.
Wars around the world will end.
We will discover Aliens and possibly meet them.

The Deep State will be destroyed.

The Federal Reserve will be destroyed.

Saudi Arabia's death grip on the US Government was terminated by nutralizing Alwaleed bin Talal in November 2017.

The CIA is still in power, but Vault 7 and JFK have shattered them into a thousand pieces to the point beyond repair.

The Deep State is intrenched in human rights violations with Saudi Arabia and the CIA.

The Federal Reserve needed Saudia Arabia and the CIA in power over humanity in order to protect the interests of the petro US Dollar... worthless currency backed by oil. 

Over in this area we have the Council on Foriegn Relations, Bilderberg Group, and the Trilateral Commission.



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How can U get a list of the companies involved with the Alison Mack cult. My child going to camp this summer need to know what is safe please help. Billie 

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