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I’m still attempting to figure out your process here so I can follow along, yeah, okay I’m a little slow but it’s early at least I’m here.

thank you for what your doing.

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hi Michael how are you today. ii am following your show for a good while now but can never comment on YT, cause ii am banned 
ii wanted to point that to you that great and possibly best part of your audience are banned
those of the best integrity and best overview of events and we are left with very simple interaction between us 
to recover that ii suggest for every video and in all of them you must address that ban and suggest alternative location to comment
thanks. my cover name radicalgaiam is also result of previous ban which started first in 2014 with a complaint 
a complaint was criminal and mean and ii even know who complained !
anyway friend Michael ii am asking to be heard. radical covers for yosan pedro and joseph tany ( ii am the painter) ~ thanks for your attention

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