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Red pill waiting for week countdown...God, I pray for JUSTICIAL guts to prosecute the CHILD SEX OFFENDERS, whether BIG$$$ or BIG POWER or little guy/gal with nothing to loose (reprobate mind). AMEN. Jesus said 'Better to tie a millstone around your neck and cast yourself into the Sea then to HARM a child.' 

'Spare the rod, spoil the child' refers to the Shepard's rod/staff used in directing sheep by nudging them back in line into the group. We ALL know what happens to a separation of an animal from the pack...they chance being food for a wolf. Have we ever seen beating an animal with the staff makes the herd and herder's relationship respectful, peaceful, well-functioning, successful? Adults think the excuse of violence with the misinterpretation of this passage. It means training/teaching boundaries, not whooping.
Thank you God for the BLESSINGS coming to the USA after the US Embassy in Israel was moved to Jerusalem!!! It took real guts  to move and declare the new West recognized capital move after the past 70 yrs of other's indecisiveness. 
Reminder: Trump was 70yrs, 7mos, 7days OLD on Inauguration Day. My home.address has a 7 in the series of numbers... I DO BELIEVE the #7 is a Godly number as described in the Bible. Roseanne's address on her show is 714 Delaware St...she absolutely has been publically slandered...lawsuit for the point of such? No settlement, regain OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH!  Would love this lawsuit COVERED by mainstream media!!HA HA LMAO. 
I am speaking to others about shutting off mainstream media news channels, putting on music instead. The noises and false rhetoric produced by these NEWS stations have everyone brainwashed into following them daily...much like a NEGATIVE SOAP OPERA. I am telling others to research items from the BBC perspective, or utilizing browsers other than GOOGLE as some sources are not veiwable from them.
The PLOT WENT REALLY fast for the iPhone to be attached to the young people like a second thumb on the hand. Parents, do not allow social media access until mentally prepared for online pornography. Studies now show that the average 10 yo boy sees pornography 2 clicks away from an online child age game. He thinks sex IS pornography. The smut is popping up extremely easily even though you thought you had the settings set to block it out....how about his friend's house settings? Pornography to a 10yo is equally as dangerous as an unsecured gun in a home. Only it effects his critical mental and spiritual health rather than blowing a physical hole in his body. Playboy pics were one thing back in the day BUT action video is truly another. Protect their innocence until their mental maturation. The laws against children viewing this smut clearly state it is illegal for a child to view this type of content. Uphold this law for health reasons.
Homosexuality: Sodom and Gomorrah story was about a man named Lot who met an Angel (who came to test Lot from God, keep reading cool your temper)) in his city of Sodom. Lot, out of the laws of hospitality towards a stranger/traveler in town, walked the Angel through town to his home to give him a place to rest for the night. The Angel was a beautiful looking male. Tall, shiney, clean appearance and dress, basically good looking. As night began to fall, Lot's home was encircled by a large number of males aged 9-69 of psychopathic minds (reprobates).
****In today's language we would say Ted Bundy, Gacy, Dahmer, Drew Peterson, Grim Sleeper category. Knowledge of right and wrong but doesn't care. Raping, abusing, killing ANYTHING THAT BREATHE air in a mammal’s body male/female/dog/adult/child/necrophilia/ desiccated remains.
Continuing with Lot. Dusk came, the SODOMITE MALES came to Lot's home surrounding the exits and DEMANDED the Angel be presented to them they wanted "know" him and we're not leaving until they had him... remember the Angel stood out like a soar thumb because he was shiny clean... Lot said NO, HE IS MY GUEST. In following hospitality law, and protecting a guest in HIS home, the mob would not relent. Lot then threw to the mob his maiden slave. These psychopaths didn't care if they attacked a male or female. The mob dragged off the slave and did everything ugly that comes with sexual attack and beat her to death. The morning came and Lot found an only recognizable slave by her torn and shredded clothing whom crawled her last breath and DIED upon his doorstep. Lesson here is DO NOT CONFUSE SODOMITES WITH HOMOSEXUALITY. UNLESS THE HOMOSEXUAL IS OF A PSYCHOPATHIC MIND eg Ted Bundy, Gacy, Dahmer etc AND WILL F ANYTHING THAT BREATHES AIR...OUT OF PURE ENTERTAINMENT/ENJOYMENT/INSOLENCE/DISREGARD FOR BROKEN HEARTS. Now, Lot was rewarded by God for protecting the Angel and following the hospitality law and doing the right thing by protecting his house guest, the Angel, as Lot was deemed the only worthy-to-live man alive in Sodom. The story continues...my point is that HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT EVIL IF 2 PEOPLE LOVE, CARE, HONOR, RESPECT, AND VALUE each other. Remember that LOVE IS LOVE. Christian's that use this story as a weapon towards Gays need to stop and reflect in the meaning of LOVE.
Polygamists are outlawed as well. The ancient days when God allowed it, was purely for population growth post-Tower of Babel story and division of 12 tribes and languages with their migration across the planet.
Before the GREAT FLOOD, humans lived 800-900 yrs, (Nebuchadnezzar 999yo) were extremely technologically advanced, stronger by 2×, (proof has been discovered by ancient bones found and tested density), pyramids were utilized for power grids, flying/levitation of "chariots" were already invented. Many myths of Greece and Rome tell these stories and every ancient story has a human lesson within it. Remember the Bible says 'There is NOTHING NEW under the SUN'. And the prophecies of the coming of the Messiah signs state 'Secrets in Dark Places Will Come to Light'; archeology is only <200.yo and the BIG FINDS happened early 20th century. Coincidentally, so did the movie industry...and visual documentation of history (good)…and visual corruption of sex/violence/fake idols/objectification of women(evil).


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