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    On March 25th, 2017, President Trump proclaimed for the first time in modern human history the fact that "frankly, how much we do not know about life." During this episode of the Michael Trimm Show, we take a deep dive into #qanon and #FollowTheWhiteRabbit to solve this. On @kill_rouge Twitter account, referenced throughout the #qanon #8chan posts, seem to be connected to #TheStorm that President Trump warned the nation and media about on October 6th with his "Calm Before The Storm" comments during a military families gathering at the White House. The post made by #Qanon alluded to the fact the US had lied in respect to the extradition case of Gary McKinnon and that it related to #TheStorm. I connected the dots to the #SecretSpaceProgram and what President Trump has been officially announcing publicly through the White House YouTube Channel (that is being HEAVILY CENSORED right now). 

    Donald Trump in 1991 on Economic Recovery

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