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    1. Episode 8: Here's Why CBS 60 Minutes Fake News Report Was Wrong And Really Wrong

      Michael Trimm reacts to 60 Minute's coverage of Fake News versus Real News. Which is more compelling? Pizzagate, when referring to Comet Ping Pong, is a false flag riddled with plausible deniability however human trafficking and child sex trafficking, as covered by Dr. Phil last week and over 6 major news broadcasting agencies in 2013 is real, and not "Fake News" as they call it. The "Fake News" campaign is designed to take attention and legitimacy away from people who want a thorough and real investigation of the child sex trafficking and organ trafficking rings being operated under the control of the powerful elites. The same people who are calling Pizzagate fake news are the same people who claimed that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. Not only were they wrong, they knew they were wrong, yet the pushed the narrative further and ignored "alternative media" and facts. 

    2. Episode 7

      Michael Trimm will be breaking Episode 7 into 7 parts to celebrate Vault7's significance of the number 7. Here's a Century View of the secrets contained in Vault7 and what Episode 7 will dive deep into! 


    3. Episode 6: Live Infograph Explanation of Deep State, Federal Reserve, US Gov, and Biz

      Michael Trimm draws out the reality of how the Government has probably actually really been hiding aliens from us because they offered an alternative to oil... seriously? How crazy would you have to be to believe that? I don't say I do, but this kind of connection needs to be studied and further understood. Is this how the system works? Is this what they have done? Everything is about to change.


    4. Episode 5: Whistle-Blower Leaks Info About IP Security & Baby Monitor Cameras Spying CIA #Vault7

      Tech companies working on the #InternetOfThings are taking devastating shortcuts when implementing cybersecurity in their products. For over a decade, tech companies, startups and large multinational corporations have been deliberately keeping their cybersecurity and encryption technology of IP Cameras and Baby Monitors weak from attack/oversight/spying, etc. because of a conflict between profits and legal pressure from the CIA.

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    5. Episode 4: Pizzagate Isn't Just A False Flag... It's Also A Trap! Schrödinger's Pizzeria?

      Investigative journalists like David Seaman and George Webb have been talking about the same topic: human trafficking. Some people are focused only on Comet Ping Pong, a pizzeria in Washington DC, friendly to the political establishment including President Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton's Chief of Staff, John Podesta. This pizzeria has a lot of weird things about it, and Wikileaks released over 50,000 emails from John Podesta that contain a lot of weird language in the messages. Is this evidence of a massive pedophilia ring being operated out of Comet Ping Pong where the political elites are sexually abusing children? No. It's a false flag and Michael Trimm explains it point blank why its both real and a false flag at the same time. This shall be known as Schrödinger's Pizzeria.

    6. Episode 3: Vault7 Only 1% of 900,000 CIA leaks & Why YouTube Forced Me To Demonetize My Channel...

      The Michael Trimm Show is no longer funded, please consider becoming a paid member of michaeltrimmshow.com/join You can sign up with PayPal or Bitcoin and would be greatly appreciated. As I have said multiple times, I love doing this show and the dedicated web servers that I have running michaeltrimmshow.com do cost over $500 a month. I will continue to swallow that cost because I owe this to my generation, my kids generation, and my parents generation. Thank you for your support,

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    7. Episode 2: Answering Wikileaks Vault7 Questions & More...

      Wikileaks' Julian Assange released on Tuesday March 7th 2017 1% of what he calls "Vault7" on the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) which are being called Snowden 2.0. The whistle-blowing media outlet, Wikileaks, released over 8,713 documents, many classified, that detailed HOW the CIA was able to essentially do the same thing the NSA had already been doing, but through cyberwar technologies such as viruses, trojans, malware, spyware, that infect Apple iPhones, iPads, watchOS, Android phones, Microsoft Windows computers, Samsung SmartTVs and more.

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    8. Episode 1: Why Electoral Reform Must Happen To Make America Great Again...

      Robert David SteeleDonald Trump was the real populous candidate of the 2016 Election, however what does "Make America Great Again" mean? To Michael Trimm, David Steele, Jesse Ventura, Cynthia McKinney, and others; it means Electoral Reform.

      1. Universal Voter Registration & Restore Prisoner Voting
      2. Identical Ballot Access Requirements For All Candidates For Any Official Position
      3. Tightly-drawn districts (include "at large" representatives for distributed demographics (elderly, gay/lesbian, etc)
      4. Get Money Out Of Politics (Public Funding) Of All Candidates
      5. MSM == Public Broadcast == Equal In-Person & Advertising Time At No Cost For All Candidates
      6. Return Control Of Debates To League Of Woman Voters & Include 3rd, 4th, & 5th Party Candidates including Independents
      7. Discontinue Party Manipulation Of Nominee Selection
      8. Election Day Must Be Recognized As A National Holiday With Public Transit Options For Transportation
      9. Discontinue All Electronic Voting Machines & Return Exclusively To Paper Ballots (Counted Publicly On The Hour) With Independent Exit Polls
      10. Instant-Run Off: Primary Voters Select 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Choice For Candidate
      11. All Legislation Must Be Posted Online One Week In Advance Of Voting With Mandated Constituent Polling For Every Representative and Senator (Discontinue Select Clauses)


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